Thursday, 4 December 2014

Permissible in Norway

Sweater: UniQlo, Jeans: Bossini, Boots: Steve Madden
One kind of creepy thing about Norwegian people is the fashion. Or rather, lack of fashion. I mean, in late fall and early winter, what I'm wearing now is literally the only acceptable female uniform. Okay, so I exaggerate a little bit but still - hop on a plane to Oslo right now, and you'll see nine out of ten women wearing black sweaters and skinny blue jeans tucked into brown boots. Or black Hunter boots if it's raining.    

Um, did I say acceptable? I guess my inner rebel could not be suppressed, hence I am wearing floral blue skinnies with my Norwegian uniform. These jeans were one of the four (!) things I bought at Bossini in Hong Kong this September. I saw them in a pile and instantly fell in love with them, I mean they have butterflies and roses on them, and the cut is similar to my beloved Stevie Ankles - how could I not get these jeans?! These days I find myself gravitating towards blue jeans more than my coloured ones, maybe it's my Norwegian side reasserting itself? But then again, these butterfly pants would baaaarely pass muster back home, if at all. 

When I go back there to see my mother and my friends, it's kind of unbelievable, the level of side-eye I will get from Norwegian women when I just wear what I feel like. And when I walk past shops, I notice how many of them are displaying very similar clothes to each other. They'll announce that grey, pale pink and black are the new colours for autumn, but come spring? Well, suddenly grey, pale pink and black will be the hot new spring colours. There is something very... Orwellian about how people dress in Norway. 

They seem to like Steve Madden over there, though. At least there's that.


  1. Ha! Too funny. I found that I was quite colorfully dressed when we were in Scotland, and I thought my palettes were quite neutral for me.

    If pale pink was the all-season "it color" in America, I'd be all about it! Except I'd be mixing it with more pink, pastels, and brights. I'm sure I'd get plenty of side-eye myself. I already do as it is. Don't care!

    I love that you dressed according to the Norwegian norm but still sneaked in a bit of Gwen flair with the floral print on your jeans. I love those, by the way!

    <3 Liz

    1. YES! That is exactly it! I'll walk around in what I think is really a quite modest outfit, and people act like it's bright enough to short-circuit their phones!!

      Good for you not caring about the side-eye! London is such a glorious fashion salad that I get used to just wearing whatever I feel like. But Norwegians are really blunt, and will tell you if they think you dress too crazy! (Blunt and rude, I guess!) You have to come to Norway with me, then we will dress like we want and frighten everyone!

      And thanks! I feel weird if I don't feel like myself in an outfit I wear - I always have to sneak *something* in!