Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Superbe O'Clock

Sweatshirt: MadewellXSezanne, Dress: Cath Kidston, Boots: Anthropologie

This was what I wore on Christmas Eve morning, when it was insanely mild and lovely out. Victor, my mother and I went to Starbucks for breakfast, and this was pretty much the prefect coffee shop outfit. Not that Christmassy, though, I'll give you that. Norwegians actually celebrate on Christmas Eve, and then sit around on Christmas Day wondering what to do with all this empty time on our hands, so I did change into something a bit more fancy for the evening. 

 As for this sweater, it was a toss-up between "La Superbe" and another Madewell sweater this November. I wound up texting the pictures to two friends back in Norway for feedback, and the unanimous conclusion - one of them even involved her husband - was that I should go for this one. "Because you are superb," one of them told me, which made me happy. I have the best friends - outfit tips and compliments on tap! 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Style SOS - Cardigan Crisis!

It's time for Style SOS again! Say hi to Janeane, who contacted Liz after our last round and asked if she could play along. See, Janeanne had this old Anthro cardigan that she didn't quite know what to do with. And I can roll with that, I mean... How many times to you see an item that's so perfectly unique and awesome that you fall in love without being quite sure what you want to do with it? We decided to go for both casual and more formal looks, and you'll find my first one above.  

Like a creepy stalker person, I went through page after page of Janeane's blog, looking for items she might already own that I could build on. I've always been a fan of purple with red, so when I saw this necklace and how perfectly the purple beads matched the cardigan, I thought, "Why not!" And, she has chambray pants. What better way to dress down a floral cardigan and make it all casual, right? Throw in a grey tee, because every woman should own a grey tee (I own two, or rather, Victor owns two, which I steal), and red flats to balance out the reds in the necklace. Although the grey tee disappeared somewhere, I still love what Janeane did with my suggestion! She looks perfectly ready to run errands on a Saturday morning, maybe pick up some tulips to go with her little red accents.  

For a slightly more put-together look, I went with this purple skirt that Janeane already owned. As soon as I saw it, I thought it'd be perfect with that cardigan - and I love the result! I mean, pairing florals with more florals might sound crazy, but there's all this neutral space in between the flowers, so it all balances out nicely.  The jewellery I suggested as a sort of styling example is from my favourite etsy shop, Linkel Designs, they just have the cutest pieces.  

Doesn't she look perfectly adorable!? I love the purple booties too, way more than I liked my own initial shoe suggestion. Such a perfect outfit for balmy American January weather. (I'm jealous, can you tell?) Or even better, for early autumn brunching with gal-pals, before the temperatures drop. Out of my own two outfit suggestions, this is by far my favourite, so I saved it for last. I love how Janeane made my ideas her own!  You should go check out her very cute blog here (she does interior design too!) as well as Liz's outfit suggestions over at With Wonder and Whimsy. Being twice as awesome as me, the Lizmeister designed four separate outfits for Janeane, and here they are: 

In typical Liz style, she suggested Janeane should belt this cardigan over a scarf - it's a combo I'd never have thought of, and it's so cool! It just makes the floral cardigan instantly more badass. Also, this is a sideline, but I would steal those cut-off booties in a heartbeat! I mean, I already have a bag that would go perfectly! Janeane, if you're a size nine and ever get sick of them... 

And also - wide-leg denim! I like this outfit even more, because for some reason the bell shape of the trousers goes with the shape of the cardigan. (Which I believe has bell sleeves that are never allowed to unfold into their full bell potential. I say go for it! That would make this look even cuter!) I love the little touch of putting black flats on with black trousers - it's a good trick for adding a little length to your legs, and it works even better with tights and matching kitten heels!

How sweet is this look, right? It totally knocks my own purple-on-purple outfit out of the ballpark! I love how the chunky belt (that belt!) and brown boots give it a cohesive look. Such a perfect outfit for jumping into piles of autumn leaves and going wheee! in! Plus, that wide belt creates such a nice shape with the cardigan and shirtdress!

And finally, my absolute favourite. How perfectly feminine and lovely! The pumpkin spice latte (is that a colour? it is, right?!) of the tee, the demure grey pleated skirt, and the Oxford booties - you look like that one prim but spunky teacher at an English boarding school, Janeane, know what I mean? It's so classy but has so much personality - I love it!! 
So, how does the Defence Against the Dark Arts post at Hogwarts sound? I believe they may have an opening... ;)

Sunday, 11 January 2015

I can haz poncho?

Poncho & boots: Anthro, Jeans: Bossini, Hat: Topshop, Top (underneath): UniQlo.

The answer is yes, yes you can. As long as it's on sale. Day-um but I waited for that to happen since, what - September? It's funny, because my mother approved of this poncho - and I'm sure I remember her having one exactly like it when I was little. Except I think it may have been green. We are all slowly turning into our parents, one poncho at a time...

So I started taking my photos indoors, because the whole balcony situation really wasn't working for me. Until I've found a better outdoor location, I'll keep on putting a towel on the floor - because I'm paranoid for our new carpet, poor thing - and taking my outfit pictures in the living room. I kind of miss having all my old photo spots nearby, but I'm sure I'll find new ones some day. 

A while ago, I read this thing in Lucky magazine about your one item that always saves you when you don't know what to wear. In the author's case, it was a pair of oversized black dress pants; in mine? It's got to be these moto boots. I just had them resoled, which was good because I'd just about worn the soles off the frame! I can't even begin to think of living without these boots. Which sounds melodramatic, but there you go. I wear them with everything, and they always give me that extra little omph.  

Oh, and as for my New Year's resolutions? They are actually going scarily well! No clothes on the floor, ever - and yeah, you bet that makes a difference! Of course, I made no resolutions whatsoever about keeping the kitchen tidy, so Victor has more than enough reasons to keep tearing his hair out. Baby steps, you know? Hehe.  

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Year of the Jeans

Holy Batmobile - I wore a lot of jeans in 2014! I have a new-year's resolution that involves wearing more skirts in 2015, and also to pursue this walking in heels thing that is so popular on the internet. Or you know, at least breaking in my flatforms that I got for Christmas last year...  

Other resolutions include not throwing clothes on the floor, not picking at my eye (wish me luck, I swear I've given myself mild OCD) and rereading all my favourite comics. See what I did there, throwing that in at the end? Makes it sound like a total chore...

And yes, I am still alive - but my mother has been visiting us for the past two weeks and not only has there been DIY and sarcasm, there was also the first Christmas since my dad died. And since he died literally the day before Christmas last year, it was kind of strange, but also wonderful, to rediscover what the holidays mean to us now. That sounds deeper than it was, probably - a lot of it was me gushing over our Christmas tree and Victor moaning that he just wanted to set it on fire, ornaments and all.