Sunday, 11 January 2015

I can haz poncho?

Poncho & boots: Anthro, Jeans: Bossini, Hat: Topshop, Top (underneath): UniQlo.

The answer is yes, yes you can. As long as it's on sale. Day-um but I waited for that to happen since, what - September? It's funny, because my mother approved of this poncho - and I'm sure I remember her having one exactly like it when I was little. Except I think it may have been green. We are all slowly turning into our parents, one poncho at a time...

So I started taking my photos indoors, because the whole balcony situation really wasn't working for me. Until I've found a better outdoor location, I'll keep on putting a towel on the floor - because I'm paranoid for our new carpet, poor thing - and taking my outfit pictures in the living room. I kind of miss having all my old photo spots nearby, but I'm sure I'll find new ones some day. 

A while ago, I read this thing in Lucky magazine about your one item that always saves you when you don't know what to wear. In the author's case, it was a pair of oversized black dress pants; in mine? It's got to be these moto boots. I just had them resoled, which was good because I'd just about worn the soles off the frame! I can't even begin to think of living without these boots. Which sounds melodramatic, but there you go. I wear them with everything, and they always give me that extra little omph.  

Oh, and as for my New Year's resolutions? They are actually going scarily well! No clothes on the floor, ever - and yeah, you bet that makes a difference! Of course, I made no resolutions whatsoever about keeping the kitchen tidy, so Victor has more than enough reasons to keep tearing his hair out. Baby steps, you know? Hehe.  


  1. Okay so this poncho is freaking awesome! And that hat! Fantastic combo! Love love love love ... love!
    I had toggle coats when I was a kid so of course I have toggle coats as an adult. Maybe we just never grow up?
    I have to say that I like the photos against your wall. Whatever paint you've got on the wall is a very nice color and suggests that you are in a photography studio.

    1. Thank you Cynthia!! It's probably the one item I've been the most worried about posting, since it *is* kind of big and baggy... I was worried it'd be unflattering. But I love it too much to let that stop me!
      That's so funny about the toggle coats! I think we definitely pick up some kind of imprint as children... In my mind, my mother's 70's style will always just be like, the pinnacle of elegance!
      And I'm glad you like the wall! I think we're on to a winner for now. SO much better than the freezing balcony. :)

  2. I'm slowing turning into my mother, one casual jacket at a time: denim jackets, cozy barn jackets, army jackets...

    I love this cozy poncho, especially with the jacquard pants. It's a fun mix of wintry-cozy and elegant-glam. I love interesting juxtapositions like that! The hat tops things off perfectly!

    I've started doing more photos indoors, as well. We got a DSLR for Christmas, and what a different it makes! I'm itching for warmer weather and longer days to fit in more outdoor photos shoots, but I like having the option of shooting indoors now that we have a nicer camera.

    <3 Liz

  3. awww, this poncho is one of the things I wanted to buy but I didn't buy.. I am jealous! You look cute in the poncho x pants x hat!! I wish I looked good in hat like you. I have a big head and don't look good in hat.. -_-