Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Superbe O'Clock

Sweatshirt: MadewellXSezanne, Dress: Cath Kidston, Boots: Anthropologie

This was what I wore on Christmas Eve morning, when it was insanely mild and lovely out. Victor, my mother and I went to Starbucks for breakfast, and this was pretty much the prefect coffee shop outfit. Not that Christmassy, though, I'll give you that. Norwegians actually celebrate on Christmas Eve, and then sit around on Christmas Day wondering what to do with all this empty time on our hands, so I did change into something a bit more fancy for the evening. 

 As for this sweater, it was a toss-up between "La Superbe" and another Madewell sweater this November. I wound up texting the pictures to two friends back in Norway for feedback, and the unanimous conclusion - one of them even involved her husband - was that I should go for this one. "Because you are superb," one of them told me, which made me happy. I have the best friends - outfit tips and compliments on tap! 


  1. Are you being intentionally punny with this skirt, or are you just a naturally witty genius? "Norwegians don't know what to do with all the extra time on their hands on Christmas Day?" So the solution is to wear it on their skirts?

    I think this look is sweet and spunky, and I just adore the text sweaters and sweatshirts right now. They just beg to be paired with full skirts. Too cute!

    Definitely keep the friends who sincerely stroke your ego. We could all use a bit more of that. And you definitely are superb. I love that we've connected through blogging. And now that I've said that, you have to keep me around! lol

    <3 Liz

    1. Haha, oh Liz, if only I were that smart! Thanks for helping me feel like a smart person, instead of just some moron with an acting degree! ;) I'm afraid that it was all purely serendipitous, though!

      I so agree re: sweatshirts with cute slogans, I just found another cute one at H&M (yes, I know - boo, hiss!) that says "Tokyo Love" in cute 80's bubble writing, and it's baby blue... squee! La Superbe is being paired with a floral pencil skirt next... Hehe...

      And honey, of COURSE I plan on keeping you around! Forever and a day, babe! :) MAN, I am so glad you reached out to me in the comments what, two years ago now? Or has it been even longer? :)

  2. You are superb!!!
    Your skirt reminds me of Alice In Wonderland.
    Christmas day is such a strange quiet day. There is always that moment in the late afternoon where one thinks - okay now what? It is a vast kind of nothing.

    1. Tee hee, merci beaucoup! And you are right, it's totally Alice in Wonderland. I actually have a white hat with big long bunny ears, you know - that's a combo that needs to happen, isn't it?!
      And YES! Glad I'm not alone on the whole Christmas time vacuum thing. All that time and preparation leading up to it, and when it's finally there - "now what?" ;)