Monday, 9 February 2015


Shirt: Madewell, old, Jeans: AG's, on sale, Boots: Anthro - my old faithfuls. 

I feel like I should adopt this as my personal motto. I mean - the only way this photo-op could have been any more perfect was if I'd been wearing my neon pink AG jeans at the time... Speaking of which, now that I have white AG's, I have been living in them - to the point where I'm almost ready to rename this "The White Pants Blog". Though of course, white jeans has led me to discover a whole new dimension of paranoia. "Did I sit on something weird?" "Wait, did I spill that?" And so on and so forth.  

Anyway, I have been painting our doorframes "Natural Taupe 2", and listening to more They Might Be Giants than is probably healthy for a human brain. They may be one of my favourite bands ever, but once you've got a song of theirs stuck in your head, that's it, that sucker is NOT going back out without a fight. So after a while, I put on some Wishbone Ash, and everything was going well until it got to this track called The King Will Come. Then all of a sudden, Victor calls out from the living room in a frightened little voice, "Uh, honey? Are you listening to Christan rock?"  
They are not, by the way. They are really not. So now I can't stop ribbing him about how, if he's a bad boy, Wishbone Ash are gonna come along and save his soul


  1. "Put a little birdhouse in your soul"
    Yay for They Might Be Giants!!! "Minimum Waaaaaaaaaage...."
    We celebrate festivus instead of Christmas and the whole family sings Whistling In the Dark around whatever pole thing we've come up with.
    "She's my best friend she's a spaaaarooooowww" Okay I'll stop now. lol

    1. I had to go and google Festivus, but man, how AWESOME! You guys are just too cool. "There's only one thing that I know how to do well..."

      Funnily enough, one of my comics partners is also a huge TMBG fan, so I'm predicting digital colouring marathons to a soundtrack of Flood and John Henry...

    2. Oh funny! I am such a self centered American - I figured everybody in the world must watch Seinfeld and know what Festivus is. Ooops!!

    3. No, not at all! Seinfeld was one of the only decent shows on TV when I was a kid, and my dad and I watched so many episodes of it, I don't even know how we missed that one! If you'd referenced Kramer rebuilding his flat with "layers", I'd be right there quoting the episode with you!

  2. This would totally be my motto, too. And as you know, I'm almost always wearing pink, so the analogy totally fits.

    Happy to see you're getting so much wear out of your white pants! I think white bottoms are so versatile year round. But like you, I'm paranoid about spilling on myself. It never fails that I have some sort of outfit mishap whenever I wear white. I wish you well!

    <3 Liz

    1. If you do come visit us, I HAVE TO take you to this place. It's like having a meal inside an Anthropologie. You would love it.

      I spent the last month or so just living in these pants. White laundry days got to be quite traumatic as I waited for them to airdry! Last week, I dropped a spatula and got Teriyaki sauce all down one leg, but thankfully I soaked them immediately on my friend's advice, and it all came out!