Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Blazer: Vero Moda, Blouse: Lindex, Jeans: AG's, Boots; Steve Madden, Bag: Madewell

Oh hey, don't mind me, I'm just gonna zip right in on my magic carpet. Whoosh! I mean, that's what it looks like, isn't it? Complete with supernatural mist, or could that be clouds? 

Yeah, so I had to disappear because of comics. Because I agreed to join my friend for a stint in what shall henceforth be known as the Comics Gulag. More specifically, this was her parents' house, which is out in the middle of nowhere, in one of those suburbs where EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, looks the same. Her parents basically rebuilt their house from scratch, so when you go inside it's the most beautiful home... but the rest of the neighbourhood was kind of soul-crushingly same-y. It's a town where the supermarket and the funeral agent are blatantly run by the same company - same logo and everything! - and they are practically next door to one another, too.  

So yes, I ventured into suburbian no-man's-land, promptly ran out of data on my phone, and spent the next four days working on our comic Circuit Breaker with her. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, this is a black-and-white comic that we are redoing in full colour. Three chapters' worth, and each chapter is between 30 and 40 pages. It's not as bad as it sounds, because we'd done a lot of it already, but we were there to finish the colouring (we didn't, but maaannn we came close) and generally tweak it, fix little errors, rewrite some dialogue. That kind of jazz. Sometimes, I even worked on the handful of pages we have of chapter four, just for something a little different to do. (Insert manic laughter here.)   

So, if you lock two women in a house for four days, you'd imagine there'd be blood and little hairballs scattered everywhere, right? It actually went surprisingly well, though my collaborator and I are now on some sort of break from seeing each other until this Sunday. 

And can I just vent a little? Because I think I have coloured in about five hundred wheelchair wheels, and that means colouring the tyres in a different grey from the spokes in the wheels, and then there's the seat - yet another shade of grey, this one almost black. And then the character who uses the wheelchair also has leg-braces, which for the sake of my poor brain are the same colour as the pale grey wheel spokes, and then there are his shoes... At some point I looked up and said, out loud, "I hope Yuri appreciates all the effort I'm putting into colouring him in." (Yuri being the fictional character in our comic, not an actual person, of course.) And then we both laughed like crazy ladies. 


  1. You look darling, love the polka dots & blazer combo. Plus your gorgeous bag!! Oh my gosh, your description of "no mans land"... I can't even imagine. We have a few master planned communities around where we live, but they're quite lovely and have charming coffee shops, amenities, ect. Happiest week to you!! xo

    1. Oh the only coffee shop I saw, we'd have had to ride a bus to get there, it was that far! But Canadian neighbourhoods are always so cute and quirky...
      And yeah, bag twin - I don't think yours has made an appearance on your blog yet, has it?! :)

  2. Oh wow! You are working so hard on your comic. It sounds amazing.
    That neighborhood sounds like the one from A Wrinkle In Time. lol
    Love the blazer! You know, I think you can buy cloud wall decals. Then it really will look like you are flying on your magic carpet.

    1. Wait, you're also a Philip K. Dick fan?! AAAAAHHHHHH!! That is too awesome. It was like a run-down Truman show, haha. And they based that off Wrinkle in Time, didn't they?
      Cloud wall decals are an amazing idea - I wish I'd thought of getting some in Japan, where they make the clouds look all cute and swirly!

  3. So chic! I absolutely love how you built this outfit. The polka dots are so whimsical and fun, the neutral browns keep things rustic, and the white pants brighten everything up. This is very chic and polished!

    Your comic marathon sounds like a lot of work (and hopefully a lot of fun!). It sounds like it requires so much patience and tedious shading. I admire your work ethic! I hope it's turning out just as you envisioned it. And that pesky Yuri better appreciate all of your efforts, or else you can scribble him right out!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thank you Liz! The comic is indeed shaping up very nicely! We're nearly done with the colour edits now, whew.

      You know what, I felt so at home in this outfit. And especially in the jeans, haha. I am seriously considering renaming this the White Pants Blog!