Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A New Job!

Sweater & boots: Anthropologie, Skirt: J.Crew, all OLD. 

So I started a new job - one that I actually really love! I'm working as a teaching assistant, giving one-on-one support to a woman who is in a wheelchair and has some brain damage following a car-crash she was in. This lady is fantastic, and we get on like a house on fire, and she's already made so much progress that I feel like a proud tiger-mom. Last week, she even won a box of chocolates in a maths quiz! The class is an interesting mix - some people with assistants, and some regular teenagers, one of whom made my day the other day. This kid looks like a young Elvis, but is surprisingly kind - so when the kid with cerebral palsy held out his hand for a high-five, Young Elvis obliged, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. 

In other news, I am ploughing on with a comics submission to a Publisher Who Must Not Be Named (Nope, it's not Voldemort!) and hopefully I'll be able to put a couple of pages and sketches on the internets soon. I mean, I am dying to show this stuff off, and the girl I am working with - Kaz of the Kazpants! - is producing some of her best work ever. She was personally invited by one of the editors to submit a proposal to them, and that kind of chance doesn't come knocking on your door every day! So Circuit Breaker, my other comic, has been forced to take a bit of a back seat - I can, like, relax from working on the other proposal by cleaning Circuit Breaker pages - sounds good, no? 

In other news, one of my besties is living with us now! She's moved over from Norway to try and start all over in London, and Victor is totally cool with this. The three of us actually have a lot of fun co-habiting; tonight we cooked an enormous chicken dinner together and then collapsed in a groaning heap. My friend is going for flat-viewings, too, because nobody wants to live with Victor and me forever, right? (Except for our future children. Hopefully.) And so we are tagging along for extra safety, so Victor can pretend he knows kung fu and I can scare people with my bitch face, as shown below:  

I mean, whoa - do I look mean here or what? Also, last summer, when I bought this skirt, I was secretly wishing it was this skirt. Which I eventually scored on sale, and then didn't wear on the blog for whatever reason - until now. This was actually my work outfit today - they have a fairly relaxed dress code, we're just not allowed to wear jeans or sneakers, but I still try to fit in with the British Professional Colour Palette, because those unspoken rules are a terrifying thing to break. I mean I say that now, but at some point you know I'm gonna blow a gasket and show up there in my clocks dress - it's just a matter of when... 


  1. Yay!!! Super duper congrats on all of the amazing and wonderful things going on in your life!
    Your job sounds like one of those life changing experiences - for everyone involved.
    I cannot wait until you can share your creative work here!
    And yes - after seeing your bitch face I am a teeny tinsy bit scared of you. ;) LOL

    1. Thank you, Cynthia!! You know what, I see some changes in the class already - I'm making a point of saying good morning to everyone, for instance, and I'm noticing others doing it too. The shy autistic kid even made a point of coming back inside the classroom to wish everyone a good weekend! Sometimes all it takes is a little push!
      And oh, be afraid - be ver-ry afraid! ;)

    2. Oh how truly wonderful! yay!

  2. Thanks for this wonderful update! You have quite a lot of your plate! Your new position sounds wonderful, and I'm glad your threesome is still coexisting quite peacefully. Hopefully the happy slumber party doesn't end until she's off to her own place!

    I love the chunky sweater with this fancy skirt. Your outfit looks quite cozy! The print on the skirt is just lovely. I understand why you were holding out for it!

    Congrats on all of the excitement and opportunity surrounding your comic project. How wonderful!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks so much, Liz! The slumber party is still ongoing, we're even asking each other for outfit advice before we go to work. And I am so happy in my new job! :)

      You know what, I think that outfit was inspired by a product photo from Anthro - the one for this sweater! It's all coming back to me now, it was paired with a RED floral pencil skirt.

      The comic project is progressing well, but not without drama, unfortunately - hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end!