Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Work outfit

Top: Mango, 5 years old(!), Skirt: Banana Republic, Boots: from Norway, Watch: Fossil. 

So here is a work outfit I liked and took pictures of in the kitchen. Yes, that's right, we went with a hygienic olive green and mint colour scheme in there. I painted it all with my mother, then thought, shouldn't a kitchen be a dark, warm welcoming yellow? And then I thought, oh well, I'm NOT repainting that now, so that was that. We have such a big fridge now compared to our last one, and until recently there was hardly anything in it because a) we were used to shopping for a tiny fridge and b) in the old fridge, things like milk went off really fast. But now that my friend is living with us, it's actually looking like a normal human fridge in there, and all three of us have space for our stuff, so it's win-win really. 

Can you tell that my brain has melted, by the way? We had a friend come over that we haven't seen in a while, and she literally talked at us for three and a half hours straight. And while she's nice and it was great to see her again after nine months or so, now I feel like taking up a hermit lifestyle on a mountaintop or something. The only things I'd bring would be Victor and our fridge. And maybe this sweater top, which I've had for almost five years now, so I might as well keep it around (I do like it!). Oh, but this skirt - it's weird, because Banana Republic is usually not a store I'd find myself inside, but this season they have just been killing it! 

But wait - what's going on? The floor is shaking, the whole building is shaking! We are seven floors up, and suddenly I can feel myself sliding?! Ahhhhh!!* 

*Kidding. Duh. 


  1. This look is fab on you! So sophisticated with a touch of romance. Ahhh...
    I like the green color scheme. It's bright and fresh. I guess yellow is bright and fresh too but this feels modern and airy.
    I need a cave too. People are driving me crazy lately. I need to learn how to be unavailable. Aloof and uninterested and unavailable. Can I hide in your fridge? ;)

    1. Yes! Come hide in there, I'll lend you my sweater top to keep you warm! You and Freddy should come to London sometime though - take in some theatre stuff! ;) Sometimes, you gotta ask yourself - who is the main character in my life? And like, duh, it's YOU. And you need time to breathe sometimes, that's nothing to feel guilty about - you know I'm right!!
      I'm glad you think it's modern and airy btw. I guess we wanted to do something we'd be happy with for a long time - like, it would stand the test of time? So that's nice to hear!

    2. Thank you, Gwen! Excellent advice and I need to take it.
      Gosh, I'd love to go to London. I've never been. Freddy keeps wishing for a European vacation. Maybe it will be possible for us soon since the dollar is all of a sudden good. I notice that airfares are still crazy expensive though.
      I'd love to meet you in person!

    3. DUDE! That would rock so hard. We could go to Stratfort-on-Avon together too, watch the RSC and visit Shakespeare's birth house and sneakily touch the walls - I did that already! ;)

    4. gasp! i want to touch the walls!!! i also want to jump up on the stage at the rose theatre and do a monologue - if it's still a tourist sit that is.

  2. Oh look - another blush, black, and white outfit. How positively perfect. These looks are calling to me from across the great open sea. They're saying, "Gwen doesn't need us really. She doesn't appreciate us like YOU would, Liz. Come play with us, Dann - I mean Liz..."


    Super adorable. If you're going seven stories down with no hope of survival, at least you're doing it in this outfit. Ha! Have a good weekend. :-)

    <3 Liz