Monday, 20 April 2015

Heavy Rotation

Shirt:Banana Republic, Skirt: Madewell, Necklace & boots: Anthro, old
Sounds like the name of a Japanese metal band, doesn't it? Heavy Rotation. But what I actually meant to say was that this skirt, since I scored it on a Madewell sale, has been in heavy rotation - and so has this necklace, which I scored on ebay. And these boots, well, not a week goes by without them getting worn, so yeah... The boots are now such an ingrained part of me that when my friend drew a caricature of me she included them as a matter of course - and I couldn't really argue because I was sitting right next to her wearing them... 

When I wore this outfit was during the week we had no elevator. And we live on the seventh floor. I personally reported it, and was told it would be fixed by twelve noon that day - but obviously, they were big smelly liars. This coincided with our visit from my mother-in-law and her sister, too - and they are tiny little ladies with tiny little legs. Victor has fond memories of carrying two suitcases up all those stairs. I have slightly more fond memories of going down them with my friend, singing old Take That songs to make it all go by faster. It helped, trust me. At the time, I was in between gym memberships, so at least it counted as free cardio...    

Also, spring is finally a thing! I'm still in the early confusion stage - you know, the one where you leave the house in five sweaters and two jackets and then just gradually peel yourself down like an onion. Spent the entire day walking around in the sunshine with my coat on my arm, and didn't mind it one bit. Summer dresses feel like they are just around the corner, and I just can't wait!  

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