Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Mini skirts and Polkadots

Blazer: Anthro, Blouse: French Connection, Skirt: Madewell,
Necklace: Forever 21, Boots: Anthro

That seems to be all I wore in the month of March - miniskirts and polkadots. Even though it was freezing, out came the mini skirts, with the warmest tights I own. It was a crazy busy month, but here and there, I managed to snap some photos - mostly dreadful ones, because the battery in my camera remote had died. And you know when you're busy, and there's this supposedly tiny errand you need to run, only that on top of everything else is just impossible?  And as for blogging, I mean, forget about it - I was lucky if I had ten minutes to myself, and then, stuff like showering took priority. Ah, but I missed it so much! 

Blazer: Gap, Dress: Wallis, Scarf: Madewell, Shoes: from Hong Kong

 I went through a small phase - very small! - of trying to wear scarves as necklaces. Like, I dig that that's a thing, and every now and then, sure! But I am way too fond of my actual necklaces to do this on a regular basis. This scarf is an old Madewell one I scored on ebay. Since I love it's red sibling so much, I figured I'd find plenty of use for this one, too. Wore it on our recent trip to Paris as well, and felt tres chic. Yes, we went to Paris! We even brought our camera, and took snazzy pictures, some of which I would quite like to share here... Our guests loved Paris - especially Victor's aunt, who had never been to Europe before!

Jacket: Nordstrom, Blouse: French Connection, Skirt: Madewell, Boots: Anthro.

But anyway, much as we love having guests, having two months of non-stop guests is a bit knackering! I love Victor's mother and aunt dearly - especially auntie, she's the sweetest person - especially when they get drunk and try to demonstrate Tai Chi moves in our living room. ("Biiiig watermelon. Cut it in haaaalf. Would you like a slice?" I literally laughed until I cried.) But looking after them was a bit like herding cats, and when we'd put them on their respective flights on Sunday night... It was like the air just went out of the balloon. I remember lying on the couch thinking, Whoa, my legs look really long from here.   

Shirt: new-to-me-Madewell, Jeans: AG's, Shoes: Clark's.

And in the middle of their visit, guess who had a meeting with an editor at a publishing company? Guess who stayed up until nearly three in the morning preparing for said meeting? Yup. But it went well - it was just an informal meet-up, so I could be introduced to the guy and we could show him what we had so far and get feedback. And it was super useful, and he was super nice. I even managed to act all professional and not say anything stupid, which is such a rare occurrence that I might as well get a tattoo to mark the occasion...  


  1. Congrats on your meeting with the editor! Super exciting! LOL - I am always happy when I feel I didn't say something stupid but that rarely happens. Or so I think... ah well. Loving the pale pink and black. And that striped blazer is so fantastic. Can I copycat that first look head to toe?

    1. Yes you can! Please do! We'll be the Black and Blush Brigade!! I'm actually super flattered when people want to copy me!
      You know what, I actually wore that blouse from the first outfit to the meeting - it made me feel all professional and Parisienne cool, no doubt that helped me not say anything lame! ;)

  2. Yay for meeting with the editor! Fingers crossed! I too ramble and get awkward when I'm nervous, and first impressions always freak me out. Sometimes I get into teacher mode and stay very calm and cool and professional. Other times I dither on and on. And trip. And spill things. I'm pretty slick like that.

    On to the fashion:

    I screamed "Yes yes yes!" when I scrolled through these looks. I'm sure you're not surprised as you feature my favorite blush, black, and white along with cutesy florals and polka dots. These are all of my favorite things. I would like to steal that first look right now, especially the ruffled mini. OMG - it's perfect! I think I can replicate that look with items in my closet. I'm going for it!

    <3 Liz

    1. Oh man, what would be worse at an interview - rambling off on tangents or going into teacher mode? I inherited this move called the Teacher Finger from my mother - can you guess what it is? ;)

      I would LOVE for you to replicate my first look! I can't wait to see what you come up with - we should all cross-link to eachother when you and Cynthia have both done it - bring on the Black and Blush Brigade! Ahem. ;) I'm really flattered that you want to copy it, you know!