Friday, 22 May 2015

All the Stripes You Can Eat!

Blazer: H&M, Top: Banana Republic, Jeans: Old AG's, Shoes: Old Marks & Spencer.

So, I've been a terrible blogger. And I thought, in an attempt to make myself blog more than once a week, how about if I do something that'll force me to blog every day for a week. Like, say, try to wear a different stripe-based outfit every day. And I did. And I photographed it, too. And here I am, on Friday, blogging Monday's outfit anyway. 

Somewhere between grabbing my camera and plugging it into my laptop, my energy just fizzled out. But on the plus side, the reasons I am exhausted are actually nice ones. Like having a meaningful job and being busy with comics. Like having a good gym routine and doing lots of cooking - and baking! - at home and taking a weekend to visit my mother. 

Um, and as for this blazer? I normally don't gravitate towards H&M anymore, for various reasons... but months ago, my friend wanted to go in, and I tagged along - and there it was. The perfect brown blazer that I never knew anyone would go and make. I actually got several compliments on it when I wore this to work - one included the word "shiny". I suppose polyester is rather shiny, eh?  But maybe that's not always a bad thing.

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