Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Seafaring Stripes

Sweater: Esprit, Skirt: Lindex, Boots: Anthro, all old. Bag: Madewell (new & shiny).

A burial at sea may be in order, because my laptop appears to have committed suicide. And by burial at sea I mean I want to throw it in the Thames.Victor and I have spent the whole afternoon and evening trying to save my work, but who knows...

The real kicker is that I can't afford to replace it. So hopefully Victor can manage a factory reset, but not before I save everything that means anything to me from that hard drive. Mmmmhm, can you smell how upset I am across the internet?

I'm currently blogging from my tablet, which has a kind of toddler version of Photoshop on it -"My First Photoshop", anyone? - but if I disappear for a while, you know why. I'll be busy singing 'I believe that Satan has a hold on you!"* to my piece of crap Toshiba and crying tears of blood. That is all.

*shameless Book of Mormon reference.


  1. Oh no! Why does ones entire world fall apart when ones computer is sick and/or dying?! I guess because nowadays our whole world is on the darn thing.Ugh
    Hoping for a speedy recovery and no drowning in the Thames!
    Just remember "it doesn't matter how you feel it's how you look. And baby, you looook GOOOOOD"! Love the stripes and polka dots.

    1. Thank you for the condolences/well-wishes, hon! We did manage to save the important bits, and he's going to try and wipe it and re-install Windows 7 over the weekend. Hopefully the law of stereotypes will kick in and Victor will manage it by virtue of being Asian... ;-P
      And I'm so glad you liked my outfit - thanks, Cynthia! :)

    2. LOL - I'm married to one too - well, he's half of one and I rely on him to do everything technological. Probably too much!

    3. So far, his Asian powers are failing, I'm afraid. Just imagine Victor singing "Losing my Chinese-ness" to the tune of "Losing my Religion." Which he has actually been known to do if he's forgotten how to say something in Cantonese...

  2. Oh jeez. What a nightmare! We bought an external hard drive a few years ago and back up our data every few months because this happened right before our wedding. We lost tons of family photos, pictures from college, and photos of our early engagement. I also lost tons of essays from college. So I understand your frustrations. At least if your laptop sails away into the sunset, you'll be bidding it adieu in style? I really like the combination of navy, seafoam, and white in this look!

    <3 Liz

    1. Oh man, I feel so bad for you guys! That was ten times worse than what happened to me! We actually managed to save everything, and I worked off my OLD old laptop for a while - and then THAT started blue-screening and dying, too! So then we rescued everything a second time and went and got me a FRANCESCA PURPLE LAPTOP, for my sins. It runs Windows 8.1, but Victor has installed a Windows 95 shell, so it's ALMOST not so bad.

      Also thanks! SEAFOAM is an awesome colour name, eh?