Thursday, 25 June 2015

Stripes and Blush. And Snacks.

Blazer: from Hong Kong, Top: old Anthro, Pants: old J.Crew, shoes: Ecco

 I love that people are calling this colour "blush" now. It's such a cute name! Much cuter than "nude" at any rate. I mean, if I'm wearing clothes, I'm not nude, right? Also, note the good hair day I was having here. This does not happen too often, so I'm kind of glad I documented it. 

So, for lack of anything sensible to talk about, let's talk about snacks. I mean, right now there are a few things I am obsessed with. First, there's this Madagascan vanilla yogurt from our local supermarket that I pour in a pot and eat with berries - raspberries or blueberries, or sometimes both. And it is AMAZING. I've also discovered that there are crisps - sorry, chips if you're American - that I actually like, which is probably not a good thing. See, I don't like potato chips, but vegetable crisps? Made from beetroot, carrots and turnips, and eaten with avocado hummus from Wholefoods? Why, you almost feel like you're having a healthy meal instead of pigging out!

Also, there are these apples that only one supermarket stocks - the same one that has the vanilla yogurt. They're not just Pink Lady apples, they have "Champagne Fizz" flavour, and they are amazing. Seriously, no other apples will do. Victor got me onto them, and now I'm an apple snob! Lastly, weirdly - lychee juice with ice cubes. Specifically with ice cubes. So full of sugar and concentrate that I haven't had it in weeks, but I still dream about it. What are your favourite snacks? 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Go With The Flowy

Shirt: Anthro, Skirt: old J.Crew, Shoes: Ecco

The day I wore this outfit to work, I felt a bit like I was being eaten by my own shirt. These days I'm all about finding basics with a twist - I mean, I've realised that wearing a standard white shirt actually makes me feel ill, but if I can sneak in the tiniest bit of quirkiness or personality, I feel fine. Okay, so I'm essentially wearing a monochrome circus tent here, or rather it is wearing me. But I like it!

This is my Game of Thrones finale face. Like, UGH! 

Shirts aside, is anybody else seething over the Game of Thrones finale? I mean, Episode 9 was bad enough - who cooks their own kid, anyway?! - but Episode 10 just took it to a whole new level. I guess if you've read the books, you'll know how much the series has departed from the books by now.  My gut reaction was, "I'm done with this now". And the day after, when I met up with Second WIfe for Japanese food and girl talk, one of the first things she said was, "Game of Thrones? I'm done!" Victor and I wound up watching Pompeii to make ourselves feel better, and that worked! Having actually been to Pompeii, we could see how faithful they'd been to it when they built the sets, and it was just such a good movie.  

Also, I found the coolest 1940's style tights in a bargain bin, and now I wish I'd had the foresight to rummage around for another pair or two. Because how cute is that stripe running down my leg? And you know these days I'm all about the stripes...

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Canal Dreams

So, as a kind of milestone in my little blogging life, I have teamed up with Weddington Way and restyled one of their bridesmaid dresses! The idea being that, once the wedding's over, you'd want to reuse that dress rather than send it to the big bridesmaid dress graveyard in the sky. So I picked out this dress from their chiffon dress selection sent me and made a little inspiration board for it:

My idea was for a little boho style date-night ensemble. I'd wear this to have Mexican food and go to the cinema afterwards. And then it hit me - I could make my own ghetto version of this dress by combining my long grey skirt with one of Victor's T-shirts (ahem)! Most of the accessories were things I had already - well, I was waiting for the boots to arrive in the mail, but technically I already owned them, so yeah - and the only thing I didn't have anything similar to was the jacket. Which I would have loved to own, but you know. We can't have everything in life. Hence this:

Now that it's finally warm - YAY!! - I could venture outside with our camera and sneak around the canal that's just a few minutes walk from our flat. Yes, I know. We really hit the jackpot in the house-moving department! But, even though I took these pictures at silly-o'clock on a Sunday morning, there were still PEOPLE around. Ugh. Walkers and cyclists and even two kayak'ers! God knows what they thought I was doing there. 

Anyway, this area makes me think of this book I've been saving - Canal Dreams by Iain Banks. I'm saving it because he died a few years ago, and so I'm eking his books out so I won't run out of them so fast. It's tragic, he went to the doctors with what he thought was a backache and was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I met him a few times at cons and events, and he was just too cool and lovely for words. 

"What-choo lookin' at?!"

Of course, the novel Canal Dreams is actually about a Japanese cellist travelling on the Panama Canal to get to Rotterdam, because she is afraid of flying. So in fact it has nothing at all to do with the London Canals. 

Anyway, the dress I was copycatting comes in 20(!) different colours, including a gorgeous aubergine shade called Witchcraft - how awesome is that? So I mean, if you're looking for a nice date-night dress... ;)

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Yes, I went there.

Top: Old Anthro, Skirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: Ecco. 
So I'm feeling better now that I was on Monday. Miles better! I mean, sure I got "found out" for blogging by one of my real-life friends, but that really wasn't the end of the world level disaster it felt like at the time. And I do know that reading my ramblings here is pretty much what it's like to go for a coffee with me, and making the terrible mistake of asking how my day ways. Except with less swearing because I don't like swearing on the internet. So it's not like I've created some fake online persona - it's not like I've gone and lied about anything. 

Except for my love of bunnies. I actually think they are filthy vermin. Kidding. OF COURSE! My friend actually asked me the other day why we don't have pet rabbits since we love them so much. And I was all, "Have you seen the state of our houseplants?!" We'd probably be terrible rabbit owners.  

As for this outfit, hmm. Stripes and florals are kind of old hat by now, but I had to go there anyway. In fact, I went there again, just days after I took these photos, with a floral pencil skirt and a striped shirt so big and flowy that it appeared to be eating me alive. Stripes and florals for the win.  

Monday, 1 June 2015

It was almost aloha

Cardigan & top: old Madewell, Skirt: old J.Crew, shoes: new Ecco
 So I nearly deleted my blog the other day. Not because of my computer dying/exploding, and not because I'd decided I was sick of it (I'm not). No, it was because finally, my two worlds collided and one of my real-life friends found out. 

This may seem weird to you if  you have a blog that you're proud of and are working hard to promote - more power to you if you are! But as for me, it was really super hard at first to put photos of myself online. I didn't really feel like there was space for me and my big ass on the Internet, but I was doing it anyway - as a conscious part of getting over myself and my body-issues. And then, turned out to be so much fun - and best of all, it allowed me to make some really awesome friends. 

Now, with the exception of a handful of people - I mean, I haven't even told my mother - none of the people I hang out with on a daily basis knew about this blog. Sure, some of them clocked on that I was developing this new "fashionista" side, but mostly, they knew me as a nerd who makes comics and does Shakespeare. Just the thought that anyone would "find me out" used to fill me with serious icy dread. I mean, I'm not pretty like that. My ass is big. They'd think I was a douchebag for doing this, I thought. 

And then, one of them did. Find out, I mean. 

She sent me a text message to tell me that she'd found out. It was kind of a mean text message. I read it on the train home from work. I just sat there on the train, trying to read my book and not absorbing very much. Only when I was in the lift going up to our apartment did I realize I was hearing this thin, piping sound, and that this was the sound of me breathing.

 To summarize, I had the king of all panic attacks. I spent the next half hour curled up under a blanket, sobbing and yowling, and thinking, "I have to delete it now. I have to delete it now!"  

But Victor said, Don't. And my other friend, one of the few other people I'd told, said, Why should you? She said, It's hard to put yourself out there, but you have just as much right to do it as anyone else.

 So yes, I'm leaving it up. And I'm sorry if this is all a bit heavy for a Monday night. We'll be back to funny Victor stories and musings on how to wear stripes next time, 'kay? :)