Thursday, 18 June 2015

Canal Dreams

So, as a kind of milestone in my little blogging life, I have teamed up with Weddington Way and restyled one of their bridesmaid dresses! The idea being that, once the wedding's over, you'd want to reuse that dress rather than send it to the big bridesmaid dress graveyard in the sky. So I picked out this dress from their chiffon dress selection sent me and made a little inspiration board for it:

My idea was for a little boho style date-night ensemble. I'd wear this to have Mexican food and go to the cinema afterwards. And then it hit me - I could make my own ghetto version of this dress by combining my long grey skirt with one of Victor's T-shirts (ahem)! Most of the accessories were things I had already - well, I was waiting for the boots to arrive in the mail, but technically I already owned them, so yeah - and the only thing I didn't have anything similar to was the jacket. Which I would have loved to own, but you know. We can't have everything in life. Hence this:

Now that it's finally warm - YAY!! - I could venture outside with our camera and sneak around the canal that's just a few minutes walk from our flat. Yes, I know. We really hit the jackpot in the house-moving department! But, even though I took these pictures at silly-o'clock on a Sunday morning, there were still PEOPLE around. Ugh. Walkers and cyclists and even two kayak'ers! God knows what they thought I was doing there. 

Anyway, this area makes me think of this book I've been saving - Canal Dreams by Iain Banks. I'm saving it because he died a few years ago, and so I'm eking his books out so I won't run out of them so fast. It's tragic, he went to the doctors with what he thought was a backache and was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I met him a few times at cons and events, and he was just too cool and lovely for words. 

"What-choo lookin' at?!"

Of course, the novel Canal Dreams is actually about a Japanese cellist travelling on the Panama Canal to get to Rotterdam, because she is afraid of flying. So in fact it has nothing at all to do with the London Canals. 

Anyway, the dress I was copycatting comes in 20(!) different colours, including a gorgeous aubergine shade called Witchcraft - how awesome is that? So I mean, if you're looking for a nice date-night dress... ;)


  1. Yes, girl, yes! So excited to see you collaborating with Weddington Way! I absolutely love this look. You've really shown how to re-style a bridesmaid dress beyond the wedding. It's the accessories that really change the mood of an outfit, and you're an expert in that field! My favorite element of this look? The crescent clutch! It is amazing! That would definitely catch my eye in a boutique, and it would likely come home with me. It reminds me of the styles by Natalie Alamein. She made the mermaid pouch Kyle bought me for our anniversary, remember?

    This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! I'm always amazed at what a great combination yellow and gray are, too!

    <3 Liz

    1. Hehe, well so far it's my first and only collaboration, but it sure was fun! ;) I'm glad you liked what I came up with. My clutch is from 31 Bits, who employ women in Uganda who make everything by hand. It was pricey but totally worth it to me - both because of that and because it's so cute, of course, haha. I discovered this clutch via Instagram, same as you did with Natalie Alamein - how could I forget your glorious mermaid pouch!

      Yeah, yellow and grey are just one of those combos that don't pop up too often - but when you do wear them together, it's like, the nicest surprise ever because it turns out so weirdly harmonious!