Thursday, 25 June 2015

Stripes and Blush. And Snacks.

Blazer: from Hong Kong, Top: old Anthro, Pants: old J.Crew, shoes: Ecco

 I love that people are calling this colour "blush" now. It's such a cute name! Much cuter than "nude" at any rate. I mean, if I'm wearing clothes, I'm not nude, right? Also, note the good hair day I was having here. This does not happen too often, so I'm kind of glad I documented it. 

So, for lack of anything sensible to talk about, let's talk about snacks. I mean, right now there are a few things I am obsessed with. First, there's this Madagascan vanilla yogurt from our local supermarket that I pour in a pot and eat with berries - raspberries or blueberries, or sometimes both. And it is AMAZING. I've also discovered that there are crisps - sorry, chips if you're American - that I actually like, which is probably not a good thing. See, I don't like potato chips, but vegetable crisps? Made from beetroot, carrots and turnips, and eaten with avocado hummus from Wholefoods? Why, you almost feel like you're having a healthy meal instead of pigging out!

Also, there are these apples that only one supermarket stocks - the same one that has the vanilla yogurt. They're not just Pink Lady apples, they have "Champagne Fizz" flavour, and they are amazing. Seriously, no other apples will do. Victor got me onto them, and now I'm an apple snob! Lastly, weirdly - lychee juice with ice cubes. Specifically with ice cubes. So full of sugar and concentrate that I haven't had it in weeks, but I still dream about it. What are your favourite snacks? 


  1. This look is darling! Minimalist, polished, chic, and still fun! It must be the pink! I also like that the look has different textures with the basket weave top and striped pants.

    Speaking of snacks: I also love those vegetable chips from Whole Foods. I also like the veggie straws. Both are salty but have real vegetable flavor. Sometimes potato chips are too bland or one-note. I really like the beet and sweet potato chips!

    I am also currently obsessed with flat salted pretzel chips dipped in garlic hummus. Yessssss, ma'am! I think I need a snack now...

    <3 Liz

    1. Aw, thanks hon! :)

      Oh my god, so I'm not alone in liking vegetable chips?! Do you like courgette fries as well! My friend Eric and I both love them, and Victor just doesn't get it, haha. Potatoes ARE too bland - and in Norway, you have potatoes with just about anything, because they used to think potatoes were so good for you. Beet chips are the absolute top of my awesome list, followed by carrot and then turnip chips - I have yet to try sweet potato chips, BUT I have tried sweet potato oven fries and they are divine!!

      Salted pretzel crisps?! I had no idea this even existed. Now I know what I'll be on the lookout for, whoops! ;)

  2. I am loving this look! The blush top with the striped trousers are fantastic! Congrats on having a great hair day! I have given up on ever having one of those ever again.
    So okay ladies - how about yogurt covered pretzels?!! mmmmm
    I am addicted to tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole. mmmmm my favorite!

  3. Yoghurt covered pretzels?! That sounds sooo goood! Have you ever been to a Tim Hortons and tried their sour cream glaze doughnut?! Literally the best doughnut in the world... oh and there is a similar thing I got quite into a while ago, sweet potato and hemp tortilla chips dipped in avocado hummus... I clearly spend too much time in Wholefoods... ;)