Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Yes, I went there.

Top: Old Anthro, Skirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: Ecco. 
So I'm feeling better now that I was on Monday. Miles better! I mean, sure I got "found out" for blogging by one of my real-life friends, but that really wasn't the end of the world level disaster it felt like at the time. And I do know that reading my ramblings here is pretty much what it's like to go for a coffee with me, and making the terrible mistake of asking how my day ways. Except with less swearing because I don't like swearing on the internet. So it's not like I've created some fake online persona - it's not like I've gone and lied about anything. 

Except for my love of bunnies. I actually think they are filthy vermin. Kidding. OF COURSE! My friend actually asked me the other day why we don't have pet rabbits since we love them so much. And I was all, "Have you seen the state of our houseplants?!" We'd probably be terrible rabbit owners.  

As for this outfit, hmm. Stripes and florals are kind of old hat by now, but I had to go there anyway. In fact, I went there again, just days after I took these photos, with a floral pencil skirt and a striped shirt so big and flowy that it appeared to be eating me alive. Stripes and florals for the win.  


  1. I was glad to read your latest post. Glad you are feeling better about the blog. I'm looking forward to many more blog posts.

    Lol about the 4 anthros! I've actually been to all 4 of them and I have only been in London for about 6 months (I'm so embarrassed!) I was a little bit obsessed for a while after not having a store in aus for so long. The spitfields one is really nice but they didn't have a sale section when I went as they were pretty new. I hope they get one though as its the closest to where I live. I also randomly found a store in bath and edinburgh.

    Ps. Love florals and stripes combo. It looks great on you. Reminds me of the verna midi dress out at anthro now that I love!

    1. Thank you so much for saying that, hon! It really makes me happy that there's someone out there who wants to read my random little blog! :)

      Hey, I totally get it - I was the same way about getting to go to Madewell for the first time when we went to San Francisco. Only then I went to the same store, again and again and again! ;) I met this girl in Sydney who had the mint Anthro watch, and it was clearly her most prized possession. Must be so frustrating to have to pay duties on clothes that might not even fit you!

      As for that Verna dress, I wonder if it's gone on sale? Funny, this is the first time in literally years that I've not been to Anthro's big summer sale. But the sandals I wanted sold out, and there's literally nothing else I want, so...

  2. Yay for stripes and florals!
    So glad your reaction from last week has softened! Emotions are so funny like that. Honestly, that's why I could never get into the Method style of acting. It drove me crazy when actors used this technique because ones reactions to things change so drastically over time.

    1. Hey Cynthia! I really appreciated this sweet message. I'm glad you're glad that I'm okay. :)

      Oh, I firmly believe that Method is dangerous! I was in drama school with a girl who'd been taught by a method director who forced her and another girl to punch each other on stage for real. They broke each others' jaws. O_o