Monday, 20 July 2015

The Upholstery Returns

Blazer. UniQlo, Tee: J.Crew, Pants: Anthro, all old. 
Say hello to my Upholstery Pants again (as named by Victor) from this old work outfit that was sitting on my computer, waiting patiently while I was off in a cabin with no internet colouring comics pages. Today was my first "real" day back in civilization, as in I got to sit in a cafe with wifi and instagram for a few minutes. It was just bliss... am I addicted, or what? One week, no Insta, and also no coffee! I was downright feeling sorry for myself.  

So today I was visiting two of my former teachers, officially two of the coolest pensioners in the history of, uh, everything. What with the Wife throwing her back out when some random stranger lifted her out of a boat by one arm (Uh, what? Yeah, you read that correctly! Human beings are not meant to be picked up like that!) and Husband having problems gripping things, they needed some help around the house. 

See, Wife's big brother is due to arrive tomorrow for a visit, on his motorbike that he's ridden in from Sweden (Yes, you read that correctly too - these people are in their 70's and early 80's and they are insanely cool) they needed someone to wash the guestroom floor and put some bedding on. I also wound up rearranging the furniture, folding laundry and washing the staircase while I was at it. Not to mention sitting on the steps in my silly double-jointed fashion while I scrubbed, and overextending something. So now I'm all "Ow, my hip," and sounding a bit like an octogenarian myself... 

Also, Ballet Gwen says hi:

Be kind to her; she's a speshull snowflake. 


  1. Hi Upholstery Pants! Glad to see you making a comeback on the blog - you sure are pretty pants.
    Nice to see you too, Ballet Gwen! Excellent 5th position. And I know because I've been stumbling around taking an adult beginner ballet class for the past year. Oh wait... that's 3rd position. No 5th. No. It's 3rd. I think.
    Can't wait to see your comic boooook!!!

    1. Oh yeah, it's called 3rd position isn't it! Well done you for doing ballet, that's really cool that you've taken that up! I think 5th is when you have your heels together but the feet splayed out in a V. It's been years, haha.

      Oh you have no idea how much I love these pants, but all of a sudden it's too hot to wear them! Not that I'm complaining about that!!

  2. I love the upholstery pants! Maybe I should be ashamed to admit this, but I love brocade, damask, and toile fabrics that look like drapes and couches. lol I like that you kept the look fun with the graphic tee and then polished it off with a chic jacket and flats. I feel like you could wear this outfit anywhere and be one of the most stylish ladies in the room! You're a speshull snowflake, for sure!

    <3 Liz

    1. Aw, thanks for your sweet words, Liz! Since I'm with a different class now, maybe I can repeat this outfit, hehe! I really liked wearing it...

      I totally get that you like brocade fabrics. There's something unexpectedly cool about them!