Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Last days of summer

Dress: Anthro, old, Shoes: Birkenstocks, Bag: Madewell
So all of a sudden we had an actual day of summer! So I yanked this dress off the hanger, leapt into my sandals and skipped out for an afternoon stroll with Victor. We ended up at Udderly Delicious for some home-made ice cream - they make salted caramel flavour! And mojito sherbet, which I have yet to try, because salted caramel, but I love that it exists - strolling down the road looking for a bench to perch on while we ate. And then, we spotted the BUS. 

It's one of those old vintage busses that they now rent out to wedding parties. Only this one was empty, and the driver was reading the newspaper. In the seat in the back, right next to where I hopped on and yelled "TAKE MY PICTURE!!" Hence my nervous look here. Later on in the walk, we also found an alley that would be good for photo-ops - if I can ever convince Victor to take my photo again. He sure gets all growltiger about it sometimes!

 Also, say hello to my latest incarnation - sleepwalker Gwen. Who somehow got dressed, took the elevator and shuffled into this little alley. Zzzzzz, yawn!

 Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go wash this dress and put it into storage, because the very next day it started to rain sideways over here and it has barely stopped since. Fall is here to stay, and we are feeling cheated - but hey, layering. There's always a silver lining...

Saturday, 1 August 2015

How To Dress Like A Cult Member

Jacket, skirt and scarf: all Madewell, Top: Banana Republic, Shoes: Nike

So, I was meeting up with my bestie S (I have about five or six besties - that's totally allowed, right? I feel like we all fulfill each other in different ways, ya know?) for a walk in Hyde Park. In "interesting" weather conditions. (Since when was July allowed to be so bloody cold?!) I went sensible, with my trainers that I normally run in - men's Nike's that I got on sale in January, but I also really wanted to wear my brand new skirt that had arrived in the post that very morning. 

Yes, I've become one of those people, hunters of bygone Madewell treasures on Ebay. I'd been eyeing this skirt for a while, deliberating over whether or not I could justify the splurge - and then I saw this post, and that was it. I had to get the skirt, or else. And even though I tried pairing it with a red silk top to lessen the obnoxiousness of the sneakers, I soon realised that I looked less like a chic Parisienne and more like I'd joined some kind of doomsday-sect. So, here are my three steps to dressing like a cult member:

1: Wear sneakers. You never know when you will have to run from a pursuing UFO. 
2: Long skirts are a must. Modisty, you know - best not to offend ET. 
3: Include some form of denim. It's durable, and paired with the right sneakers and demeanor, it carries that certain nutbag je ne sais quoi. See below for details.  

Now, that's what I call busting moves. Say hello to Improvisational Folk Dance Gwen.  

Also, I just need to point out that Madewell are not collaborating with Kodansha on limited edition Attack on Titan jackets - awesome as that would be. No, I decided when I ordered this distressed jean jacket that I'd cover up the holes with some of the geeky patches I've been collecting - I picked up this Survey Corps emblem in Hong Kong. Some of the other patches include Stark and Tully coats of arms and a big old Avengers "A", and one day I will do a post featuring the whole nerd jacket in all its dorky glory. Excelsior!