Wednesday, 30 September 2015

"The Quarry"

We could finally go on holiday again! After an entire summer of not travelling, it felt so good to finally pack our suitcases, tuck Second Wife under one arm and hop on a plane! The three of us went to Barcelona, and this picture just about sums up my feelings about the trip:

Top: Banana Republic, Skirt: Madewell, Shoes: Cath Kidston. 

One of the first tourist destinations we hit was Casa Mila, an apartment building designed by the famous architect Gaudi. Since it's got those tall, imposing pillars on the roof (Nazgul asparagus is what they look like), it's pretty easy to spot. The whole think looks like it's been hewed out of sandstone, so locals call the building "La Peredrera", or "The Quarry". 

Behind me there, what do you see? It's the spires of the Sagrada Familia cathedral, with its accompanying cranes, far off in the distance. Building works have been going on for something like a hundred years now (for once, I'm not actually exaggerating!), mostly because it's one expensive structure to build... We didn't get to go there this time around, but I've been inside it before, and it's absolutely stunning.

 Gaudi's buildings just have a way of looking like they grew out of plants and seeds, rather than that they were constructed. He found inspiration in nature, in everything from corn husks and asparagus (see?!) to a goat's skull. 

This roof terrace is easily the best part of Casa Mila. It was absolutely full of people, all milling around and taking pictures. I should add at this point that it was so filthy, awesomely hot up there - and during our stay in general! It was so lovely to experience a bit of summer again, even if we weren't quite prepared for it! 

Here in Britain, autumn is in full swing, so I sensibly packed things like a woolly cardigan, a fully lined dress, and no sandals. So watch me sweating it up in my black felt skirt with the leather patches! That T-shirt was an afterthought, but man was I glad I brought it.  

I seem to remember Anthropologie shot some pictures for one of its catalogues up here a few years ago? So of course, Victor and I had to get into the spirit of the thing, and get our pose on. Note that he is rocking the super dorky museum headphones as a rad accessory!

There was a lot to see inside the building as well; there was one floor dedicated to how this building was designed, and Gaudi's design process in general - fascinating stuff! That man was one of those once-in-a-century geniuses, like Mozart or Shakespeare. There was also a whole apartment that had been conserved in the original style, complete with ancient toys in the nursery (including one huge, truly terrifying doll) and steampunk toilets, so we spent a few hours in there, exploring and taking pictures.  

Part of me wishes it was still an apartment building, and that people got to live in it. Because this house just feels like it's alive - in a comforting way! Not at all in a creepy way! The shapes of the rooms and the way the afternoon light warmed them... it's just such a shame that nobody can nap on the sofa or play with their dog in there! Imagine growing up in one of those apartments, or renting one of those to write your novel in...!   

 It was an awesome trip, but we got back home at two in the morning. So if there was one thing I did need the next day, it was coffee, straight up. (Only with pumpkin spice syrup and a dash of  whipped cream in it, of course.)

Monday, 21 September 2015

Three Out Of Three

Top: Sundry, Jeans: AG, Shoes: Cath Kidston, Jacket & bag: Madewell

So the good news is, that comics submission I was involved in? We finally sent it off, and I have time to blog again! And the bad news? Well, the bad news is, it got rejected the same day we sent it off. Which is kind of a milestone in the world of rejections, let me tell you, it's usually never that fast. But well, the guy didn't even bother opening the PDF before telling us the publisher wasn't "looking for any new series" at the moment - even though he'd been the one to invite us to pitch to them in the first place. Go figure. 

Shirt: Anthro, Pants: Oasis, Bag & boots: Madewell, Icecream: Ben & Jerry's

Anyway, after a few years of doing this sort of thing, you'll be happy to know I've developed pretty thick skin. And I did manage to have some fun and wear the occasional cute outfit while this was all going down - even if I didn't manage to take proper photos. Luckily Victor always carries his big Samsung phone around in his back pocket, so we have some funny location shots - I'm just sorry about the picture quality! 

Jacket, bag & boots: Madewell, Dress: Cath Kidston

In other news, this dress is fairly new and I am still madly in love with it, because let's face it, it's hard not to love a dress that's covered in horses. Hopefully I'll get round to photographing one of the many awesome outfits I have in mind for this dress soon...!  Anyway, I'll leave you with this haiku I just made up:

My homework was ready
But then, that pesky dog showed up
I'm sure you can guess the rest.