Monday, 12 October 2015

Parc Guell

Top: Old Anthro, Skirt: Old Madewell, Shoes: Cath Kidston, Bag: from German supermarket

Parc Guell in Barcelona was originally intended to be this big housing estate, only I think the project ran out of funding and was never finished. It's a shame, imagine how lovely it would have been to grow up in these surroundings! 

This is what greets you as soon as you come in through the gates, via timed tickets and ticket Nazis (sometimes I wonder if Spain is trying to make up the national deficit through ticketing tourist attractions alone, it was all a tad.. aggressive). Pretty much the first thing anybody zeroes in on is this guy here:

Water is cycled through the entire park and cleansed on the way, I believe - and comes out of the lizard's mouth as part of its journey. It was very hard to get a photo of him without someone jumping in to take their own picture - you had to be fast! 

It was nice and cool under these arches that prop up the viewing platform. I enjoyed the shade in my black felt skirt with the leather patches - very much so! Behind me, you can see some of the ceramics in the ceiling - all very beautiful, The entire park is covered in ceramics!

At first glance, don't they look like little caves? This part here was man-made, too - a nice, cool underpass underneath a hiking path up above. I love how they still made it look like the pillars were formed by nature, though - everything in this park looks like it's alive and growing according to its own set of rules!

Everywhere, I kept spotting blue stuff that matched my top, and yelling, "It's blue! Take my picture with it! Case in point, these beautiful bushes, still in full bloom in the last week of September...

...and this tower from the entry part of the park. I love it - how those towers look like they just sprouted from the ground! 

Up on the viewing platform, which was completely encircled by gorgeous tile-covered benches, you could take in the vistas of the city:

I just realized my shirt has little moons on it, and Victor is wearing his beloved Zappa shirt again - Frank Zappa and Moon Unit, anyone? Hehe. I am so grateful I packed this silk shirt; it really helped me to not melt (what with the whole black felt skirt situation I had going on there). 

Finally, this is too funny to actually leave out, so have an outtake:

For the record, I was instagramming. And Victor was hamming. 
(I'm sorry if it looks like I'm showing you my bum - honestly I'm not, that's all my leg! I guess I do have very long legs.)