Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Anniversary Overalls

Uh, I'm literally wearing all Madewell here. Whoops. 
When I met my husband, I was wearing overalls. My hair was dirty, so I wore it in two braids, in the hopes that this would make it look less dirty. I also wore a brown sweater that used to belong to my grandmother and had a hole under one armpit. Not a small hole, as I recall. This was a few months after a seemingly routine operation landed my dad in a nine-year coma he would never wake up from. I was not in a good place, to put it mildly. 

I'd managed to scrounge a few days off work to go visit my best friend in Oslo, which is why I found myself in Gatwick airport wearing overalls and probably surrounded by a halo of stink-lines. And that's when I met Victor. He was wearing a suit, of course. So we've always said we were a bit like Dharma and Greg - you know, that 90's sit-com?

Since then, my original pair of overalls have long since gone to overall heaven. So I was very excited when I got this pair at Madewell in San Francisco! I've been wearing them non-stop ever since, and I told Victor I was even going to wear them to our anniversary date - see, we celebrate the day we first met (January 21st), because we're sappy like that. He offered to shave his head to keep it "authentic", but luckily I managed to stop him. When we met, he had normal length hair - it was only for our first date that he decided to "tidy it up" and showed up with a homejob crewcut. 

For our anniversary date, I wore a silk blouse with my overalls, and cooked a Cajun Chicken dinner at home, before we went... to the cinema, to watch Hateful Eight. Very romantic (or not), but it was an amazing film! If you can handle extreme bloody violence, I really recommend it! 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

French + Vintage

Sweater, shirt, skirt & necklace: all Madewell. Hmmm.

That's how I feel in this getup. French and vintage-y. Which, by the way, also applies to this poster in the background. I may have mentioned before that my parents kept a 1970's poster of Carcassonne in their toilet? Well, after my Mum refurbished the bathrooms, this poster was put away in a tube and left on the hat rack - until I framed it and put it up in our kitchen! This is a kind of promotion for the poster, when you think about it. Looking at this thing just makes me happy!

Anyway. Wore this to have brunch with Victor and one of my besties, at a strange place with an unpronouncable name and weirdly delicious food. ("We only use sour-dough bread," they said haughtily - but they made sour-dough taste good, which is no mean feat.) Felt awesome in the outfit, took lots of pictures, looked like Jack Black in a dress in most of them. Now I see why they pin the models' sweaters back at fashion shoots!  

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Where's Wally?

Sweater-dress (old) & necklace: Madewell, Vest: from Norway, Shoes: Vans

So there are these people - like a secret society, I suppose - who dress up as Where's Wally and show up at different locations in London. No, I'm not making this up! Men and women, with pompom hats and all - skinny Wallies, plump Wallies, there's even a Wally on crutches... I have no idea what their purpose is, and I suppose they arrange their Wally meetups over social media... Looks like they're having fun, anyway! 

I guess you can see where I'm going with this? When I randomly came across this dress second-hand on ebay, I just couldn't resist. And at the time, I owned only one other sweater-dress - which is the only type of dress I can wear when it gets this [insert-bad-word-here] cold in London! Pairing it with my vest means I have pockets, which is another plus. 

Do you ever get obsessed with certain accessories? I am currently deep into an obsession with this necklace, which I picked up in San Francisco. I can't even explain why I like it so much, I just do! Also, I bought Vans for the first time, in the January sales. This year I've been super disciplined when it came to those sales, and planned everything I was buying so I'd only (uh, mainly?) buy useful things. These shoes were so cheap I still can't believe it - and they are comfy, and they match my Transport tote! 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

What to Wear to a Comic Convention

Shirt: Madewell, 2nd hand, Skirt: Anthro, Boots: Madewell

So, since our latest comic is full-colour and has a Japanese theme, I decided I might as well dress to match it at the latest convention we went to. I call this my Wapanese Convention Style. I wouldn't necessarily say it got us any more sales, but it was fun to wear! I asked my co-creator whether she'd want to wear something similar, and she was all, "ARE YOU INSANE?!" and "NO WAY!!!!!" so I guess for now it's just me. But you know, I think it'll be helpful to have a recognisable "look" at conventions, so from now on, I'll be wearing some variation of this theme at cons. 

This skirt is a surprise sale find at Anthro - see, I'd been stalking its twin online, the Teahouse Pencil Skirt I believe it was called? For literally months. And the twin skirt looked gorgeous in the pictures, with pink scrollwork spilling down the dark green fabric. And they pictured it with this cute cropped-arm sweater in navy and mint - I just wanted that whole outfit, you know? Only when I got to the store to look at that version of the skirt (which was still full price) I realised that actually, I hated it. The rich forest green turned out to be teal, my least favourite colour, and the pale pink was NEON SCREAMING PINK!! And then... 

Then I remembered its twin, which I'd initially dismissed as ugly - maybe that one would look better? And it was on sale, too! And yeah, hey presto, it turned out that the skirt I'd initially hated the look of was actually pretty awesome in person. And as for my shirt, you know how you're always looking for that perfect chambray shirt? Well, I finally found mine, secondhand on ebay no less, and I just love it. It's soft and comfy, it goes with everything and I wear it all the time. So yeah, two items I scored for super cheap (well, the shirt was super cheap. the skirt was first-cut Anthro sale price, which still makes it normal price in like any other store, but you know) and love!