Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Anniversary Overalls

Uh, I'm literally wearing all Madewell here. Whoops. 
When I met my husband, I was wearing overalls. My hair was dirty, so I wore it in two braids, in the hopes that this would make it look less dirty. I also wore a brown sweater that used to belong to my grandmother and had a hole under one armpit. Not a small hole, as I recall. This was a few months after a seemingly routine operation landed my dad in a nine-year coma he would never wake up from. I was not in a good place, to put it mildly. 

I'd managed to scrounge a few days off work to go visit my best friend in Oslo, which is why I found myself in Gatwick airport wearing overalls and probably surrounded by a halo of stink-lines. And that's when I met Victor. He was wearing a suit, of course. So we've always said we were a bit like Dharma and Greg - you know, that 90's sit-com?

Since then, my original pair of overalls have long since gone to overall heaven. So I was very excited when I got this pair at Madewell in San Francisco! I've been wearing them non-stop ever since, and I told Victor I was even going to wear them to our anniversary date - see, we celebrate the day we first met (January 21st), because we're sappy like that. He offered to shave his head to keep it "authentic", but luckily I managed to stop him. When we met, he had normal length hair - it was only for our first date that he decided to "tidy it up" and showed up with a homejob crewcut. 

For our anniversary date, I wore a silk blouse with my overalls, and cooked a Cajun Chicken dinner at home, before we went... to the cinema, to watch Hateful Eight. Very romantic (or not), but it was an amazing film! If you can handle extreme bloody violence, I really recommend it! 


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love this story! And OMG you look sooooo happy and pretty and just adoooorable! Victor is a lucky guy!!

    1. Aw, thank you! :) :) I am blushing so much right now. I actually brought my overalls to Norway with me - couldn't bear to be parted from them AND from Victor, it seems! ;)

  2. I totally loved this background story into your relationship with Victor! And it's totally true that awkward first impressions can't put a stop to destiny! I have seen that overalls are coming back. I am a little terrified. I have not owned a pair since I acquired hips in 8th grade. I had a pair of lavender corduroy ones in six grade. I wore them with a white turtleneck that had a snowman at the collar. I may or may not have worn them outside of the months from November-January. I think these are super adorbs on you, and of course you and Victor would hit it off with you wearing overalls! YOU can rock them!

    <3 Liz

    1. Hehe, well he *does* have a thing for women with long legs, and I suppose overalls don't exactly make my legs look shorter! ;) I think it's definitely about finding the right pair with the right cut, though! This was the first pair in literally years that I looked at/tried on that I felt had the right proportions. Your "Francesca" overalls sound kind of awesome, snowman and all - maybe THIS is why you have a troubled relationship with the colour purple? ;) Good luck in trying on overalls, I'm sure you'll find a good pair at some point! and thanks! :)