Saturday, 16 January 2016

What to Wear to a Comic Convention

Shirt: Madewell, 2nd hand, Skirt: Anthro, Boots: Madewell

So, since our latest comic is full-colour and has a Japanese theme, I decided I might as well dress to match it at the latest convention we went to. I call this my Wapanese Convention Style. I wouldn't necessarily say it got us any more sales, but it was fun to wear! I asked my co-creator whether she'd want to wear something similar, and she was all, "ARE YOU INSANE?!" and "NO WAY!!!!!" so I guess for now it's just me. But you know, I think it'll be helpful to have a recognisable "look" at conventions, so from now on, I'll be wearing some variation of this theme at cons. 

This skirt is a surprise sale find at Anthro - see, I'd been stalking its twin online, the Teahouse Pencil Skirt I believe it was called? For literally months. And the twin skirt looked gorgeous in the pictures, with pink scrollwork spilling down the dark green fabric. And they pictured it with this cute cropped-arm sweater in navy and mint - I just wanted that whole outfit, you know? Only when I got to the store to look at that version of the skirt (which was still full price) I realised that actually, I hated it. The rich forest green turned out to be teal, my least favourite colour, and the pale pink was NEON SCREAMING PINK!! And then... 

Then I remembered its twin, which I'd initially dismissed as ugly - maybe that one would look better? And it was on sale, too! And yeah, hey presto, it turned out that the skirt I'd initially hated the look of was actually pretty awesome in person. And as for my shirt, you know how you're always looking for that perfect chambray shirt? Well, I finally found mine, secondhand on ebay no less, and I just love it. It's soft and comfy, it goes with everything and I wear it all the time. So yeah, two items I scored for super cheap (well, the shirt was super cheap. the skirt was first-cut Anthro sale price, which still makes it normal price in like any other store, but you know) and love!


  1. Love the skirt! Perfect for your convention. Maybe it is the actor in us but I think theme dressing for your brand is so important. And fun! Me and my crew always dress up in Marcy gear for our events and I think it makes us look professional and fun and recognizable.
    Super congrats on the conventions!

  2. YES! Exactly! I want people to recognise me that way - the two people I usually share with kind of have their distinctive "looks" already, and I've noticed several prominent comics people seem to have a "look", too... Of course when we finish the first book of our science fiction series, that may call for, I dunno - I saw these space age patterned yoga pants at Lululemon, maybe that would do?! Haha.

    1. space age patterned yoga pants sound ... intriguing? lolololol

    2. Okay, here ya go:

      It's the colour called cosmic "dot". XD