Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Where's Wally?

Sweater-dress (old) & necklace: Madewell, Vest: from Norway, Shoes: Vans

So there are these people - like a secret society, I suppose - who dress up as Where's Wally and show up at different locations in London. No, I'm not making this up! Men and women, with pompom hats and all - skinny Wallies, plump Wallies, there's even a Wally on crutches... I have no idea what their purpose is, and I suppose they arrange their Wally meetups over social media... Looks like they're having fun, anyway! 

I guess you can see where I'm going with this? When I randomly came across this dress second-hand on ebay, I just couldn't resist. And at the time, I owned only one other sweater-dress - which is the only type of dress I can wear when it gets this [insert-bad-word-here] cold in London! Pairing it with my vest means I have pockets, which is another plus. 

Do you ever get obsessed with certain accessories? I am currently deep into an obsession with this necklace, which I picked up in San Francisco. I can't even explain why I like it so much, I just do! Also, I bought Vans for the first time, in the January sales. This year I've been super disciplined when it came to those sales, and planned everything I was buying so I'd only (uh, mainly?) buy useful things. These shoes were so cheap I still can't believe it - and they are comfy, and they match my Transport tote! 


  1. Cute! Very Waldo! This kind of tunic dress would freak me out on the hanger. I'd have no idea how to style it. Somehow your neutral and army green accessories make it seem totally approachable and wearable. Looks super comfy-cozy too, which sounds wonderful considering all the snow and ice still on the ground here. I'm wearing slouchy jeans, a pastel plaid flannel, and fur-lined moccasins. And I have a furry blanket wrapped around my legs cocoon style. I'm a little concerned about how things are going to go when I go to stand up...

    <3 Liz

  2. *Snort* Oh Liz! Now I'm just imagining you hopping around like some kinda blanket larvae! Uh, a cute larvae, though! Pastel plaid flanel sure sounds very Liz, too!
    And yes, it's just the most comfortable dress. Not the most versatile, though - now that I've found my ideal way of styling it, I will probably just stick to this dress-and-vest combo, it's just more flattering and practical! Wow that's not something I say a lot, is it? ;)

  3. Next time you simply must journey south six hours to Los Angeles!! I lived in San Francisco for a year but wasn't crazy about it. LA is more fun! Come to LA - it's tacky and pretty and multicultural and oh so Hollywood! And warmer!
    Okay so now I am not sure if you got that necklace at Madewell?
    I am in love with this outfit! Definitely one of my faves!
    I see you are on a blogging roll lately! Yay!

    1. Haha, yes I finally pulled myself together and started blogging again - let's call a spade a spade, shall we? ;) It's nice to have energy for something like this again, though!
      I would love to visit Los Angeles!! Especially Venice Beach, I read this article about it and it just looks gorgeous! And yes, that necklace is from Madewell. ;) So glad you like my outfit, hon! :)

    2. I am going to burst your bubble. Venice Beach is a hellhole. I lived a few blocks from there in the '90's and it has not improved. In fact, it is worse. It is a place I try to never go to. The gang violence is bad, the homeless situation is heartbreaking and now there are "gutter punks" who have taken it over during the day. They are homeless young men and teenagers from the Northwest who trade in drugs and panhandle with kittens and dogs. Ugh.
      That said, it can be a fun place to visit during the day. It's lively and oh so Los Angeles. Gritty and sad meets beautiful and vibrant. Sigh... I have such love/hate feelings about LA. There really is no other place like it. the problem is the shrinking middle class and the recent and fast moving divide between rich and poor.
      Okay I will stop talking about it now. lol

    3. Bwahaha!! Oh my god, I got that impression from reading KINFOLK! THEY seem to think Venice Beach is this architectural mecca with ecclectic culture or whatever... And they had amazing photos of it, probably taken early in the morning because the streets were quite empty. I'm guessing they just cropped out all the junkies? T_T It does make me sad that they mess about with innocent cats and dogs though. Poor animals. Oh well, didn't Freddy look like the T-1000 in a leather jacket? I guess we could just bring him along for intimidation... and dress Victor up in some kinda kung fu gear... He once stayed in this really small town in rural America where they asked if he knew martial arts, and he was like, "WE ALL DO! But I'm not supposed to show outsiders!" :) ;)

    4. sigh... why am i not surprised that victor was asked that question in small town rural america... sigh...
      venice is eclectic that's for sure!!

    5. Oh it gets better! When asked what it was like "where he came from", Victor replied that "Back home, everyone can fly." T_T (tears of laughter)