Sunday, 28 February 2016

Weekend style

Sweater: MadewellXSezanne, Skirt: Anthro, Shoes: Vans, Bag: Madewell

If it's warm enough, I'll wear a variation of this outfit on the weekend. Because this skirt is a serious alternative to wearing sweatpants out in public, it's that soft and stretchy! (I probably could have sized down, but I'm paranoid about my big butt, so...) Add Vans that I have reinforced with orthopedic insoles (because let's face it, Vans feel like they are made of cardboard unless you reinforce them) and my Transport Tote, and some kind of hat to hide my bedhead, and I look vaguely presentable on a Sunday morning!

Last time I wore this outfit, I actually swapped out my sweater with this red one (which is way old but still very well loved). I wore it to go shoeshopping with my friend who was staying over (this was last weekend), and then take her to Victoria station for her airport train. (I now own the world's most awesome pair of open-toe booties, with a chunky heel I can actually walk in. Cue confetti being thrown, etc.) Oh, and if you like this skirt? It seems Anthro is constantly reissuing it in new colourways and patterns. Though of course I prefer this one, hehe.

 It's funny because when this skirt first made it to the website, I was crushing on the teal and pink version, and gagging over how ugly this one was! Well, once I saw them in the store, my mind did a complete 180! The other skirt (the one they were promoting the most) was just so. damn. ugly. in person. And I realised that actually, this one was so kooky and cute! Also, this one went on sale first, though of course that didn't influence my decision at all. Nope! 

Friday, 26 February 2016

Repeat Offender

Shirt + turtleneck, and also boots & bag: Madewell, (am I just sad or what?)
 Skirt: UniQlo, hella old, Bunny necklace. St. Paul's Cathedral (no, really!)

This is an outfit I've been repeating far too much. Wait, what? When did I get in the mindset that I'm not allowed to repeat combos I like anymore? The whole blogging thing made me all, "Never wear the same outfit twice," and "You can achieve infinite combinations", like it was some kind of video game and I was trying to level up in all the classes. So I could get all the awesome weapons and abilities, and be a fighting healer-mage or whatever. I can't be the only person who's dabbled in blogging and now thinks like this, can I? 

To be honest, I think finding your personal style is hitting that sweet spot by having
a) a closet full of stuff you can happily mix and match, even when you're in a rush
b) some solid staple combos like matching accessories (like my bag and boots here)
c) certain trusty combos that you feel super good in and love re-wearing
d) a +1 broadsword, can't go wrong with one of those! No, wait...  

Anyhow, this necklace was bought in the crypt of St. Paul's Cathedral! True story! You know, it's the cathedral they mention in Mary Poppins, in that song about feeding the birds. It's carved from some kind of nut that looks exactly like ivory. No elephants were harmed in the making of this bunny necklace, in other words! I've said it before and I'll say it again, museum gift shops have the best jewellery...

Sunday, 21 February 2016


Hat: Handmade gift, Sweater: H&M, old, Jeans: Paige via ebay,
Boots: from Norway, old, Necklace: Madewell.

So I just want to show off my new jeans that I found on ebay - for a quarter of the original price, no less! And brand new... You should have seen me last year, when I went into Selfridges (which is like, hmm, Bloomingdale's over here I guess) in my brown maxi dress and polkadot backpack to try on Paige Verdugo jeans for size. The shopgirls were all looking at me like I was some interesting new form of cockroach that can talk. They knew I wasn't going to buy anything. But anyway, that little session paid off when these jeans suddenly popped up on ebay one year later!

Now, styling these jeans is kind of a brain-teaser. I mean, they look nice with black and white (but it has to be the right shade of white), and I instantly knew I'd like them with olive green - but then what? While talking to one of my friends about it, she started digging various colours out of her own closet for reference, and finally making the following pronouncement: "It needs to be matte! That's too bling!"

Let me translate: If the colours or finishes of a garment are too bright, they will clash with the jeans. But, if they, like the jeans, are on the matte side of the spectrum (like, if they're CMYK rather than RGB, if you think in terms of colour filters), pretty much any colour should work. (Except for the wrong shade of white. That's just wrong.) 

Also, here is a sweater I found at my mum's house that I've had for about ten years. I'd obviously forgotten how much I love it, because this thing is awesome - especially the oversized cowlneck that can also be spread out and worn over the shoulders for extra ooh-la-la.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Cherry Blossom Princess Skirt

Top & bag: Madewell, Skirt: Chickwish, Boots: Steve Madden

Hmmm, I'd say this is the first time I've blogged this skirt - and I've had it for a year now! I don't even like Sex and the City, but I've taken to calling it my Carrie skirt, since it's got some incredible volume going on. I remember wearing it to work and having a colleague refer to it as my "princess dress", which weirded me out at the time since it's clearly a skirt. But hey, I'll take the "princess" part!

I usually wear it in some variation of this outfit, i.e. with a striped tee of some sort - though this turtleneck I got in San Francisco has made it into my absolute favourite version of this combo. Stripes and florals, so old hat by now, but I still love it - and spice it up with a (slightly) transparent turtleneck! If you find this honey in the sale, nude bras are your friends. Just saying. 

Recently, I've been really into these boots and this bag together. Even though they're not exactly the same colour, they're close enough that I can get away with it. I think. Either that, or the bag is now so grotty that it's darkened a couple shades? I love this bag like a firstborn son, so I have bought a bottle of leather cleaner and intend to carefully scrub off all the city dirt from the bottom and my own dead skincells from the handles. I'll let you know how that works out. 

There are these cherry blossom trees in front of our building, but somehow I've never worked out the guts to pose underneath them while wearing this skirt. It would totally match, though! They've just started blossoming now, even though it's freezing, and they are so, so pretty. 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

My Tomboy Valentine

Blazer: UniQlo, Hat: Anthro, Pants: hand me downs:
Shirt, necklace, bag & boots: Madewell, Mug: Fish's Eddy.

So... I got an email from the lovely Samantha from The Black Tux. They rent out tuxedoes, and when she asked me if I could style a Valentine's Day look with one of their jackets. I told her, sure thing - and figured I might as well wear the look on the blog, too! 

I figured I'd do kind of a tomboyish, casual-smart outfit, since we're talking about a mens' tuxedo jacket here. And then I instantly thought: Kazpants. These are probably my most beloved hand-me-down garment I've ever owned, hands down. And turning them into a "suit" by adding my trusty black UniQlo blazer was kind of fun! And um... the red shirt is kind of Valentines-y, right? I decided to go for a side-tuck and be all chic, and again - I like it! This is how I plan on wearing the outfit on Sunday.

We may be going to the theatre on Saturday, but on actual Valentine's Day we are having brunch with our friends before going to watch Deadpool. Yes, very romantic, right? I've actually been dying to watch Deadpool for months, so this is an arangement I'm very happy with! I'm such a die-hard Deadpool fan that I wrote a letter to the comic when I was a kid, and they actually printed it in the letters section!  

I mean, smokin' hot tamales, look at those flare legs! I love 'em!

Um, yeah - and I won't be bringing my Ruth Bader Ginsberg mug to the movies, much as I love it. I don't usually take my pictures with props, but I actually happened to be drinking tea at the time (our kitchen is like an abbatoir now, it's so cold) so I figured, why not? I think Ruth and her husband Marty were a very romantic couple, actually, so it's totally appropriate to give her some Valentine's day representation!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Kimono Jacket

Jacket & dress: Madewell, Clutch: 31 Bits, Boots: Steve Madden. 

So, this year I'm doing two Valentine's Day outfit posts - because we'll be celebrating it two days in a row! This is what I'll be wearing on Saturday, when Victor and I go see this show called Cirque Berserk! The tickets were a Christmas present from my mother, who likes giving experiences as gifts. 

As a kid, if I got taken to the circus, sooner or later I'd be in distress over how the animals were being treated or if they looked unhappy. So I really love that there are so many humans-only circus troops these days, with such incredibly talented performers! We've already been to see a couple of groups, one is called La Clique and is pretty amazing - and then there's Cirque de Soleil, of course! It will be cool to see what this new-to-us group is all about!

The theatre we're going to is the one Houdini used to perform at when he was in London; The Peacock Theatre. It's the most gorgeous old building, kind of off the beaten path (i.e. not close to any other theatres), but that makes me love it even more. We've seen some crazy stuff there, including a quick-change artist and a show where two people dressed up as a pair of giant hands and made them clap. 

Also, can we talk about this jacket for a minute? It sold out on the Madewell website, and this was before they started shipping internationally...and then, months later, I found it on ebay. This is after I made that mood board for how I'd style that grey bridesmaid dress, with this jacket and clutch combo. And boy did my own moodboard make me obsessed with this jacket. I mean, I already have a bit of a Wapanese thing going these days, so a kimono jacket seemed like a logical addition to my closet...

Originally, I'd planned to wear my bead necklace from Anthro with this outfit - the one that kinda sorta matches this bag. But, I thought it'd be too "African Queen" with the pattern on the jacket, so I decided to wear my dog necklace and my bunny necklace together instead. And I love it - plus it's got romantic connotations in my mind since Victor's and my pet names for each other are Bunny and Poochie. Ahem. Well Valentine's day is coming up, after all! 
And whoa, did I just post like five pictures of myself? I guess I must really like this outfit!