Monday, 15 February 2016

Cherry Blossom Princess Skirt

Top & bag: Madewell, Skirt: Chickwish, Boots: Steve Madden

Hmmm, I'd say this is the first time I've blogged this skirt - and I've had it for a year now! I don't even like Sex and the City, but I've taken to calling it my Carrie skirt, since it's got some incredible volume going on. I remember wearing it to work and having a colleague refer to it as my "princess dress", which weirded me out at the time since it's clearly a skirt. But hey, I'll take the "princess" part!

I usually wear it in some variation of this outfit, i.e. with a striped tee of some sort - though this turtleneck I got in San Francisco has made it into my absolute favourite version of this combo. Stripes and florals, so old hat by now, but I still love it - and spice it up with a (slightly) transparent turtleneck! If you find this honey in the sale, nude bras are your friends. Just saying. 

Recently, I've been really into these boots and this bag together. Even though they're not exactly the same colour, they're close enough that I can get away with it. I think. Either that, or the bag is now so grotty that it's darkened a couple shades? I love this bag like a firstborn son, so I have bought a bottle of leather cleaner and intend to carefully scrub off all the city dirt from the bottom and my own dead skincells from the handles. I'll let you know how that works out. 

There are these cherry blossom trees in front of our building, but somehow I've never worked out the guts to pose underneath them while wearing this skirt. It would totally match, though! They've just started blossoming now, even though it's freezing, and they are so, so pretty. 


  1. Okay so I am surprised that you have not posed in front of the cherry blossoms in that beautiful skirt! You must! What a great photo op! :)

    1. That's because I'm too chicken, and there are always Muslim ladies in their burquas sitting in the playground watching their kids - and this faces the trees. Which apparently are magnolias rather than cherry blossoms, I just found out... ^_^;