Sunday, 21 February 2016


Hat: Handmade gift, Sweater: H&M, old, Jeans: Paige via ebay,
Boots: from Norway, old, Necklace: Madewell.

So I just want to show off my new jeans that I found on ebay - for a quarter of the original price, no less! And brand new... You should have seen me last year, when I went into Selfridges (which is like, hmm, Bloomingdale's over here I guess) in my brown maxi dress and polkadot backpack to try on Paige Verdugo jeans for size. The shopgirls were all looking at me like I was some interesting new form of cockroach that can talk. They knew I wasn't going to buy anything. But anyway, that little session paid off when these jeans suddenly popped up on ebay one year later!

Now, styling these jeans is kind of a brain-teaser. I mean, they look nice with black and white (but it has to be the right shade of white), and I instantly knew I'd like them with olive green - but then what? While talking to one of my friends about it, she started digging various colours out of her own closet for reference, and finally making the following pronouncement: "It needs to be matte! That's too bling!"

Let me translate: If the colours or finishes of a garment are too bright, they will clash with the jeans. But, if they, like the jeans, are on the matte side of the spectrum (like, if they're CMYK rather than RGB, if you think in terms of colour filters), pretty much any colour should work. (Except for the wrong shade of white. That's just wrong.) 

Also, here is a sweater I found at my mum's house that I've had for about ten years. I'd obviously forgotten how much I love it, because this thing is awesome - especially the oversized cowlneck that can also be spread out and worn over the shoulders for extra ooh-la-la.


  1. Love this outfit!
    The pants are awesome and that sweater is fab with the chevron necklace.
    Isn't dressing soooo complicated sometimes?!!

  2. Haha, I know, right? ;) It was worse before I worked out I should have a couple of black and white tops on standby to pair with my patterned stuff! (Only half kidding here...!)
    And thanks! I've repeated this outfit a few times now, I really liked it too, hehe.

  3. This is so stinkin' cute! At first I thought the boots were army green. Your other green pieces definitely make the grey skew green. I'm not sure whether I love the color combination or the print/texture combination more. Both work to make this a really funky, cozy outfit though! And you're adorable in that hat. I'd totally wear this!

    <3 Liz

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Liz! I'd love to see a "Lizmeister version" of this outfit!! These are my old grey boots from way back when, by the way - also "rescued" from Norway! Squee, your comment made me happy! :)