Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Kimono Jacket

Jacket & dress: Madewell, Clutch: 31 Bits, Boots: Steve Madden. 

So, this year I'm doing two Valentine's Day outfit posts - because we'll be celebrating it two days in a row! This is what I'll be wearing on Saturday, when Victor and I go see this show called Cirque Berserk! The tickets were a Christmas present from my mother, who likes giving experiences as gifts. 

As a kid, if I got taken to the circus, sooner or later I'd be in distress over how the animals were being treated or if they looked unhappy. So I really love that there are so many humans-only circus troops these days, with such incredibly talented performers! We've already been to see a couple of groups, one is called La Clique and is pretty amazing - and then there's Cirque de Soleil, of course! It will be cool to see what this new-to-us group is all about!

The theatre we're going to is the one Houdini used to perform at when he was in London; The Peacock Theatre. It's the most gorgeous old building, kind of off the beaten path (i.e. not close to any other theatres), but that makes me love it even more. We've seen some crazy stuff there, including a quick-change artist and a show where two people dressed up as a pair of giant hands and made them clap. 

Also, can we talk about this jacket for a minute? It sold out on the Madewell website, and this was before they started shipping internationally...and then, months later, I found it on ebay. This is after I made that mood board for how I'd style that grey bridesmaid dress, with this jacket and clutch combo. And boy did my own moodboard make me obsessed with this jacket. I mean, I already have a bit of a Wapanese thing going these days, so a kimono jacket seemed like a logical addition to my closet...

Originally, I'd planned to wear my bead necklace from Anthro with this outfit - the one that kinda sorta matches this bag. But, I thought it'd be too "African Queen" with the pattern on the jacket, so I decided to wear my dog necklace and my bunny necklace together instead. And I love it - plus it's got romantic connotations in my mind since Victor's and my pet names for each other are Bunny and Poochie. Ahem. Well Valentine's day is coming up, after all! 
And whoa, did I just post like five pictures of myself? I guess I must really like this outfit! 


  1. Awww Bunny and Poochie! Awww...
    That awesome jacket is Madewell?! Super cute.
    I can't wait to hear about your theatre experience. That theatre sounds super ah-mazing. Did you ever jump up on stage and do an impromptu monologue? If not, I dare you!

    1. Oh thanks, hon! I found it on ebay and if you want it I'm sure it'd pop up again.
      It was such a cool performance - with the exception of one truly appalling clown. It was called Cirque Berserk, and it was great - they had dreadlocked acrobats and motorbikes spinning around inside this globe thing, four bikes at once! The clown was just sad though - the unfunniest thing I've seen in my life. I felt sorry for him but still...