Thursday, 11 February 2016

My Tomboy Valentine

Blazer: UniQlo, Hat: Anthro, Pants: hand me downs:
Shirt, necklace, bag & boots: Madewell, Mug: Fish's Eddy.

So... I got an email from the lovely Samantha from The Black Tux. They rent out tuxedoes, and when she asked me if I could style a Valentine's Day look with one of their jackets. I told her, sure thing - and figured I might as well wear the look on the blog, too! 

I figured I'd do kind of a tomboyish, casual-smart outfit, since we're talking about a mens' tuxedo jacket here. And then I instantly thought: Kazpants. These are probably my most beloved hand-me-down garment I've ever owned, hands down. And turning them into a "suit" by adding my trusty black UniQlo blazer was kind of fun! And um... the red shirt is kind of Valentines-y, right? I decided to go for a side-tuck and be all chic, and again - I like it! This is how I plan on wearing the outfit on Sunday.

We may be going to the theatre on Saturday, but on actual Valentine's Day we are having brunch with our friends before going to watch Deadpool. Yes, very romantic, right? I've actually been dying to watch Deadpool for months, so this is an arangement I'm very happy with! I'm such a die-hard Deadpool fan that I wrote a letter to the comic when I was a kid, and they actually printed it in the letters section!  

I mean, smokin' hot tamales, look at those flare legs! I love 'em!

Um, yeah - and I won't be bringing my Ruth Bader Ginsberg mug to the movies, much as I love it. I don't usually take my pictures with props, but I actually happened to be drinking tea at the time (our kitchen is like an abbatoir now, it's so cold) so I figured, why not? I think Ruth and her husband Marty were a very romantic couple, actually, so it's totally appropriate to give her some Valentine's day representation!


  1. Oh my gosh this outfit is adorable! Or "totes adorbs" as the kids are saying nowadays! I love the mug too. Yay Ruth!

    1. Thank you so much, Cynthia! Totes appreciate it! ;) And yeah, Ruth is the coolest! Next time there's a costume party, I wanna dress up as her!