Friday, 26 February 2016

Repeat Offender

Shirt + turtleneck, and also boots & bag: Madewell, (am I just sad or what?)
 Skirt: UniQlo, hella old, Bunny necklace. St. Paul's Cathedral (no, really!)

This is an outfit I've been repeating far too much. Wait, what? When did I get in the mindset that I'm not allowed to repeat combos I like anymore? The whole blogging thing made me all, "Never wear the same outfit twice," and "You can achieve infinite combinations", like it was some kind of video game and I was trying to level up in all the classes. So I could get all the awesome weapons and abilities, and be a fighting healer-mage or whatever. I can't be the only person who's dabbled in blogging and now thinks like this, can I? 

To be honest, I think finding your personal style is hitting that sweet spot by having
a) a closet full of stuff you can happily mix and match, even when you're in a rush
b) some solid staple combos like matching accessories (like my bag and boots here)
c) certain trusty combos that you feel super good in and love re-wearing
d) a +1 broadsword, can't go wrong with one of those! No, wait...  

Anyhow, this necklace was bought in the crypt of St. Paul's Cathedral! True story! You know, it's the cathedral they mention in Mary Poppins, in that song about feeding the birds. It's carved from some kind of nut that looks exactly like ivory. No elephants were harmed in the making of this bunny necklace, in other words! I've said it before and I'll say it again, museum gift shops have the best jewellery...


  1. I think this is why I haven't done an outfit post in a while. I don't have any new tops to show off and I don't want to repeat a top which I also think is a really stupid way to think. Ridiculous. I LOVE it when I see bloggers wear an item of clothing many times!!
    Adorable bunny necklace!

    1. DO AN OUTFIT POST, CYNTHIA! I know what you mean about bloggers rewearing items, I love it too because it gives me so many ideas! (I see we both read Kendi Everyday, and I miss the days when she'd repeat stuff because she'd be so clever about it.) Now go wear your plaid pants from Loft with a cat shirt, and blog it! ;-P

    2. You know, my problem is that I have a mini temper tantrum when I take outfit photos. I've been that way forever and I know it's childish. I did take some photos for a blog post today and was happy with them so maybe I will try again. I think Kendi has gone beyond everyday - I think she now gets lots of money to promote clothes so she isn't an everyday girl anymore. Same with Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I am thrilled for them for their successes but I do miss the old days when they were everygirls and not so slick. Emily has come under fire for it recently with her old time readers - promoting and wearing clothes that are designer and cost a mint - but I have to say it's awesome that she is able to not only make a living but also employee people. Gosh I would love to be able to do that eventually.

    3. Yes, definitely try again! some days, things just don't work out, but that's okay, you know? Because some days they will turn out really good, and these things just fluctuate!
      You are definitely right about bloggers going beyond everyday (I've never read Cupcakes and Cashmere so I don't have a "realtionship" with that blog), but yes, it's definitely turned into a business there! Like you, I wish them all the best but they seem to have become "part of the establishment", when what drew me to fashion blogs in the first place was how it was underground, all peoples' own opinions and stuff they bought/thrifted. I feel like Instagram has become the new underground now. And that maybe you will have a better chance at selling your Marcy Merch over insta than over a traditional blog or webshop? I've discovered really cool shops via insta (31 Bits and Knowlita), both of which I ended up buying from, and Liz discovered Natalie Almein (sp?!), which is all the empirical research I need to say that instagram marketing works... ;)