Sunday, 6 March 2016

Secret Ninja Mission

Top: Madewell, Dress: Anthro, Shoes: Van's, Necklace: from Budapest

At the moment, I'm not in London at all, and this outfit has nothing to do with this post. No, I'm in Norway, looking after my mum (to the extent she will allow me to) who just got home after knee surgery. I got here four days before she was due home, in top secret. My mission? To clear out my dad's old office and turn it into a walk-in closet for her, which would have the added benefit of removing all trip-hazards from her bedroom - the clothes hanging from doors etc. Victor joined me for the weekend, and that was a good thing. 

Now, imagine the messiest room you have seen in your life. Then multiply it by five hundred. In addition to an enormous and ugly desk taking up most of the floorspace, which is also a graveyard for ancient writing machines dating back to a red electric typewriter (also enormous) and one of the first Commodore machines from IBM. We worked like little ants, Victor and me - driving the electricals to the special elecrical bin behind the mall, driving out to Ikea to pick up supplies for the wardrobe and packing all of my dad's ten thousand books in crates, which were put into storage. Clearing out your dead parent's office isn't something most people would find funny - but bless him, Victor managed to make me laugh even here!  

Two of my Norwegian friends also pitched in to help us, and I spent the final night alone, trying to quietly saw an old wall shelf apart (hint: that ain't easy). Also, one of the planks from this shelf fell on me, and one of the nails stabbed me in the leg! At five in the morning, I'm there googling tetanus symptoms and muttering, "Do I even have time to go to A&E?" Of course I went, nobody wants to die of tetanus, right? :) The good news is they innoculated me after a really short wait, and I got home in time to greet my mum in person. And the BEST news is that she loved her new walk-in wardrobe!