Thursday, 26 May 2016


Jacket & dress: Madewell, Sandals: Birkenstock, Bag: Spotted Moth

I look like him in this dress, which is basically an animal-printed sack - don't I? Like a certain yabba-dabba-doo-shouting, foot-pedal-car-owning cartoon man, right? Anyway, sacks were all I wanted to wear during out heat wave a couple of weeks ago, so it was lucky for me I had this one handy! 

I realise it looks like I chopped off all of my hair in these pictures, but really, I just had a trim and it's waaay longer in the back! Having short hair is something I really hate - never again! - so the tresses are here to stay!

And in case you wonder what it says on my bag? It says, ahem, "This bag contains a bomb, a gun, a really large knife and loads of drugs". It's the perfect picnic bag because it fits my enormous woolly outdoor blanket in it - stolen from the Norwegian state railway many years ago, though not by me! I am a perfect angel in spite of what it says on my bag. Well okay, so I once nicked a Starbucks mug, but like, aside from that? Perfect angel. Heh.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Free and Easy

Top: Free People (old), Pants + booties : Madewell (also old.)

This garment I'm wearing on top? Apparently it's not a shirt at all - it's a dress. 

*moment of silence*

Let's just go ahead and call it a tunic, all right? 

This is the only Free People garment I own. Not for lack of trying, but their stuff just mostly isn't my style I guess, or the garments turn out to be MEGA WEIRD in person. Like a dress that was supposed to be a golden yellow but was, alas, swamp water green. Plus most of those fabulous gowns look fabulous on other people... but on me, they look like I'm trying to be somebody I'm not. But hey, this one shirt doesn't make me feel like I'm trying too hard, and Victor likes it too, because hello cleavage!  

Oh, and not to harp, but the weather here has been crazy weird - last week I was running around barefoot in my Birks and showing lots of leg, and this week I'm back in trousers and booties - and even a woolly jumper on one evening! Can it just please be summer now?

Monday, 9 May 2016

Daft Punk

Top: UniQlo, Skirt: Madewell via ebay, Sandals: Birkenstock, all old. 

My secret is out! I love those two robot dudes! And I'm prepared to announce it to the world, via this T-shirt I picked up on sale at the tail-end of last summer. Seriously, their music makes my toes tingle. They inspire me so much, plus they created one of my favourite animated movies ever, with Leiji Matsumoto. Apparently it's not "cool" to be into Daft Punk anymore, but since the person who told me that recently friend-dumped me, I don't caaare!  

So can we talk about friend dumping for a second? Like, I know it's not the done thing to get too hung up on negative stuff when you're writing on the internets, but... Seriously, it's just like a romantic breakup, isn't it? I found myself listening to the mother of all break-up songs on repeat (that Kelis one where she screams into the mike, you know the one), and feeling sick to my stomach every time the person's name came up. For someone who declared herself my little sister since 2007 to toss almost nine years of friendship in the bin over some imagined insult... it's so sudden, so impersonal, and it just left me in a state of shock.   

Makes me think of how easy it is for us humans to cut each other out, now that we have all this handy technology supposedly bringing us closer... when instead, it makes it easier to ignore people, to call them names and cull them from our social media. 

Uhhhh, this turned weirdly philosophical! But anyway, it's warm now, and gloriously sunny enough for me to wear this getup without even a jacket! That makes me happy. Lots of things make me happy. And not dealing with a person anymore who made me SO unhappy - that's a good thing, right? From now on, I'mma spend my time and energy on the peeps who give me good vibes, yo!*

*said while doing a gang sign. Which would basically be devil horns since I don't know any gang signs. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Emma Frost

Blazer, shirt & pants: all from Anthro. Huh! Been a while! Shoes: Ecco, though. 

This outfit? I kind of based it on what I thought Emma Frost might wear - you know, the White Queen from the X-Men? Started off as an evil member of the Hellfire Club, then swapped minds with Iceman and became one of the good guys? I've been spending far too much time watching Epic Rap Battles of History, so I can't help thinking EMMA FROST VS EMMA STONE! BEGIN!! Please tell me you've heard of them. If not, go on youtube this instant. You haven't lived until you've seen Tesla and Edison duking it out, with dope moves and electricity!

After my white blazer from Gap started pilling and fitting really funny, like basically it suddenly seemed longer on one side or something weird like that... that blazer got donated, and is hopefully on its way to a lop-sided woman somewhere. Hence the stripes, and the black shoes. Because I don't own white shoes, either. Don't think Emma Frost actually wore anything with stripes on it, ever, in the comics though. Does that mean she wouldn't be seen dead in my outfit?!

(She wore her hair up a lot, too - hence I put mine in a bun for the last picture. Oh and you know, she's BLONDE, but hey - details, right?)