Monday, 9 May 2016

Daft Punk

Top: UniQlo, Skirt: Madewell via ebay, Sandals: Birkenstock, all old. 

My secret is out! I love those two robot dudes! And I'm prepared to announce it to the world, via this T-shirt I picked up on sale at the tail-end of last summer. Seriously, their music makes my toes tingle. They inspire me so much, plus they created one of my favourite animated movies ever, with Leiji Matsumoto. Apparently it's not "cool" to be into Daft Punk anymore, but since the person who told me that recently friend-dumped me, I don't caaare!  

So can we talk about friend dumping for a second? Like, I know it's not the done thing to get too hung up on negative stuff when you're writing on the internets, but... Seriously, it's just like a romantic breakup, isn't it? I found myself listening to the mother of all break-up songs on repeat (that Kelis one where she screams into the mike, you know the one), and feeling sick to my stomach every time the person's name came up. For someone who declared herself my little sister since 2007 to toss almost nine years of friendship in the bin over some imagined insult... it's so sudden, so impersonal, and it just left me in a state of shock.   

Makes me think of how easy it is for us humans to cut each other out, now that we have all this handy technology supposedly bringing us closer... when instead, it makes it easier to ignore people, to call them names and cull them from our social media. 

Uhhhh, this turned weirdly philosophical! But anyway, it's warm now, and gloriously sunny enough for me to wear this getup without even a jacket! That makes me happy. Lots of things make me happy. And not dealing with a person anymore who made me SO unhappy - that's a good thing, right? From now on, I'mma spend my time and energy on the peeps who give me good vibes, yo!*

*said while doing a gang sign. Which would basically be devil horns since I don't know any gang signs. 


  1. Awww - so sad to hear this. I broke up with a friend of 17 years about 2 years ago and it was sad and messy and just plain awful. I found myself feeling relieved though! After a while it felt peaceful to not have to deal with the drama anymore. Seriously, people who make you unhappy should not be a part of your life. And just like a romantic breakup - it gets better with time! Plus, you look happy in these photos! Sending you a devils horn salute and good vibes!
    xo, cynthia

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for your sweet message, Cynthia!
      These past few years I've had so many of those friend breakups - and I know in my heart I've not done anything wrong to these people, I'm just trying to be nice and generous and maybe that's the problem? That I put up with so much from people that the one time I finally bite back, they decide to take it like some kind of mortal insult? It's so easy to blame ourselves, but sometimes, people are just bastards - even people we care about. And you are ABSOLUTELY right - I feel like I have so much more energy, now that I don't have to worry about pissing that girl off every five minutes, haha. Situations could turn ugly on a dime, I mean once she even called me a racist for doing a silly accent, and then exploded because I calmly told her I got upset about that. So yeah I realise I'm better off without people who drain me that much. Thank you!!
      Funky devil horns right back atcha! :)