Thursday, 5 May 2016

Emma Frost

Blazer, shirt & pants: all from Anthro. Huh! Been a while! Shoes: Ecco, though. 

This outfit? I kind of based it on what I thought Emma Frost might wear - you know, the White Queen from the X-Men? Started off as an evil member of the Hellfire Club, then swapped minds with Iceman and became one of the good guys? I've been spending far too much time watching Epic Rap Battles of History, so I can't help thinking EMMA FROST VS EMMA STONE! BEGIN!! Please tell me you've heard of them. If not, go on youtube this instant. You haven't lived until you've seen Tesla and Edison duking it out, with dope moves and electricity!

After my white blazer from Gap started pilling and fitting really funny, like basically it suddenly seemed longer on one side or something weird like that... that blazer got donated, and is hopefully on its way to a lop-sided woman somewhere. Hence the stripes, and the black shoes. Because I don't own white shoes, either. Don't think Emma Frost actually wore anything with stripes on it, ever, in the comics though. Does that mean she wouldn't be seen dead in my outfit?!

(She wore her hair up a lot, too - hence I put mine in a bun for the last picture. Oh and you know, she's BLONDE, but hey - details, right?)

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