Friday, 20 May 2016

Free and Easy

Top: Free People (old), Pants + booties : Madewell (also old.)

This garment I'm wearing on top? Apparently it's not a shirt at all - it's a dress. 

*moment of silence*

Let's just go ahead and call it a tunic, all right? 

This is the only Free People garment I own. Not for lack of trying, but their stuff just mostly isn't my style I guess, or the garments turn out to be MEGA WEIRD in person. Like a dress that was supposed to be a golden yellow but was, alas, swamp water green. Plus most of those fabulous gowns look fabulous on other people... but on me, they look like I'm trying to be somebody I'm not. But hey, this one shirt doesn't make me feel like I'm trying too hard, and Victor likes it too, because hello cleavage!  

Oh, and not to harp, but the weather here has been crazy weird - last week I was running around barefoot in my Birks and showing lots of leg, and this week I'm back in trousers and booties - and even a woolly jumper on one evening! Can it just please be summer now?

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