Thursday, 16 June 2016

For Science

Top: UniQlo, Cardigan: J.Crew Factory, Skirt:Anthro, Bag & boots: Madewell

Anybody remember this pencil skirt? It was part of Anthro's archival collection, and it's been ages since I wore it because it just never fit me properly. I mean it wasn't even shaped like a proper pencil skirt, more like an A-line! So back in April, I finally gathered up the five (5!!) skirts I'd been keeping aside for tailoring - including this one. And to the tailor I did go. The bill would make you swoon a little bit (Five!! Skirts!!) but after I got them all back, it was like getting a brand new wardrobe! 

I can't wait to wear my insane pencil skirt - now also insanely comfortable - all summer long! And chances are I'll be wearing it with this glorious top, which unfortunately seems to photograph as white... it's actually covered with random letters in black and blue, and the effect of the whole look is like I used to work as a gradeschool teacher, until I went nuts and murdered the principal - and then ate the principal. With barbecue sauce! But I love it. 

Also, I have a question/request... I'd been thinking of doing something fun and Madewell-related, since that seems to be my new obsession, with the handful of you who pop by here and read. (THANK YOU, by the way!) So tell me, for science, right - if I were to ask you to send me a photo of yourself rocking your Madewell goodies (doesn't need to be more than one Madewell item in the photo), and then I could feature you here on a Monday and call it Madewell Monday, just for funsies... Would you do it?! If you'd like to, let me know in the comments section! 

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