Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Leftovers and Fangirling.

Sweater: Field Flower Skirt: Maeve Shoes: Pilcro. All via Anthro, all old.

So here's a thing - my Shinsengumi obsession appears to have returned in full force. It started, I guess, when I found my old volumes of Peacemaker and blazed through them like a ravenous wolf. It's so goofy, but so good - and so full of feels! (Oh god, the feels.) I was also blown away by the fact that one of them (Nagakura Shinpachi) apparently wrote a memoir(!?) that apparently hasn't been translated to English (!!!), so maybe I'll just have to rewatch the 50-episode (no, really!) drama series from 2004...? Just to make myself feel better?  

So maybe that's why I'm wearing this skirt again - because my brain is wired into Bakumatsu-era Japan, and this skirt is like a crazy-ass version of kimono print? (Btw, check how the pattern almost lines up here! So close, Anthro, but alas no cigar...) The wackiest thing about this outfit is actually how perfectly the shoes match the sweater - I had no inkling this would happen when I bought the sweater! Not until I dug the shoes out of storage and really looked at them did I realise that my subconscious had been at it again. 

Also, it's not often I shop for whole outfits anymore, but I definitely wanted to wear this sweater and this skirt together - I think I bought them at two different Anthros on the same day! It turned into a total quest to get this outfit before the items sold out. (The Anthro sale waits for no woman - London shoppers are savages.) See, Anthro had marketed the other colourway of this skirt (el hideoso in person, sadly) with the other colourway of this sweater (not available in this country, sadly), which led me to thinking that the two "leftover" items might work together... and they did! 

When I sing, I have to do this if I want to hit a high note. Swearsies. 

Um... just in case you don't know who the Shinsengumi were: They were the police force of the Shogunate while Japan was still closed off from the rest of the world. They wore bright blue coats (haori) with a white triangle border, said to symbolize the white-capped mountains against the blue sky. Just like Norwegians like to dramatize WWII because it's one of the most dramatic periods of our history, the Japanese keep going back to the Bakumatsu-era and the Shinsengumi. So there are lots of different versions of these historical characters and their story - the one I mentioned, Peacemaker, just happens to be the fangirliest one. ;) 


  1. Thank you for the brief history lesson! I did not know that. Love the skirt. The print and colors make me smile! :)

    1. Haha, oh speaking of history lesson - I ordered an academic book about the Shinsengumi from Amazon and I'm still waiting for it to arrive. So excited about that!! And thanks, prepare to get sick of seeing this skirt! You could totally rock it if you ever find it as a popback by the way!!