Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Tanktop: Banana Republic, Cardigan: J.Crew Factory, old, Jeans: Madewell,
Brogues: Anthro, old, Watch: Fossil, Necklace: Museum giftshop.  

As the title suggests, I wore this yesterday, and liked it enough to take pictures. Green, pink and black, it kind of works, right? Anyway, not sure if I've blogged these jeans before, but I've been wearing them all the time lately. They were one of those lucky ebay finds... I couldn't justify them when Madewell first launched them, but now, months later, they're mine - for a fraction of the cost! And you may think I'm crazy but I've found them surprisingly easy to style...

Also, I'd had my eye out for a green tank top like this for ages - and when I saw it, I thought for sure it was silk, and mega expensive, but it turned out to be cotton, and totally affordable! Ah, I felt like I was winning at life - one of those garments that has only existed in my head for years, and I could just go and buy it with a clear conscience. Wow, this is hardly the most engaging post I've written, is it? "I wore this and I liked it" - haha, oh well... I'm still waiting for my Shinsengumi book to arrive in the mail, you see...

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