Wednesday, 17 August 2016

This Ain't Disneyland!

Dress: Anthro, old. Shoes: Birkenstock, mega old.
Sunglasses: from Japan.

Why, hello there! I've been gone for a while, in part because British summers are so short that I wanted to spend every possible minute of this one outside. Preferably with icecream and a pretty dress. I've come to realise that I can't justify buying any more summer dresses, like ever, because I have such a small window of time in which to wear them. Didn't stop me from buying one this summer though - a crazy pretty tie-dye number with bell sleeves on major sale... but that's a story for another post.

This gorgeous building behind me is Neasden temple - it has an official, very long name that I cannot remember for the life of me now, but it's located in Neasden, so...Neasden is one of London's more suburban areas, and boasts one of the five Ikeas as well as this Hindu temple. All the bits - by which I mean the stones, the carvings, every single part of this big building complex - was made in India. Then, these bits were all shipped over from India and constructed in Neasden - not one bit was damaged in transit! - assembled by workmen and a horde of volunteers. And it's gorgeous.

It's kind of hilarious how excited I was by this roadtrip - we spontaneously rented a car the same morning, and I packed us a picnic with bits I found around the house. Which Victor completely failed to notice - I mean, what did he think the blanket was for?! So we ended up picnicking in the car - me on cheese, crackers and an apple, and him on takeout from MacDonalds!