Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Fakewell, Amsterdam Edition

Top: Fat Face: Bandada: Vintage, Skirt: Lindex (in Norway), Boots: Timberland

These photos are oooolllld. Like way old. We took them last year when we went to Amsterdam, at the Museum Van Loon, a house decked out with gorgeous wallpaper and some seriously creepy portraits. I'd just come from Norway, where my mum suffered me to look after her while she recovered from knee replacement surgery - talk about keeping a tiger in a cage, hah! And it was freezing, hence the snowboots. I decided this look could be kind of a Fakewell outfit, since it looks a bit Madewell but not one single piece is actually from there. In fact I bought this top in the airport on the way to Amsterdam, when I realised I hadn't packed enough clothes! 
Also, this was meant to be a sarcastic pose:

Instead I look like I've been sniffing glue. Anyway, see that tassel sticking out of my pocket? It's from this little Anthropologie coin purse I have with my initial on it - since it was green (my favourite colour) I'd treated myself to it before Christmas and bought my mum a matching blue one - yeah, her initial happened to hit on her favourite colour, too! Also, this bandana - the bandana trend was just kicking off then, and I happened to find this thing in my old bedroom in Mum's house. Like, seriously - a perfect vintage 90's bandana that I had no memory of owning, so who did it even belong to? Not that I wasted much time worrying about that; it's mine now and I still wear it all the time! 


  1. Green is my favorite color too!! Love your sarcastic/glue sniffing pose and great Fakewell outfit. Awesome skirt! Oh and I must ask - did you not pack enough clothes on purpose because that sounds like a great idea and I may steal it as an excuse to go shopping next time I am on a trip?!

    1. Hahaha no, it was because I only had a smallish backpack that also had to hold my laptop, running shoes, my gym shorts that I used as PJ's and probably some Norwegian coacoa... and then Victor, that bastard, bought tulip bulbs as a gift for a friend of ours while we were in Amsterdam, and GUESS which bag those had to go into?! T_T I think I just counted on not sweating into the top I was wearing while travelling, and then I wound up sweating into it, haha! I also bought a pair of socks with bunnies on them from the same store... they came in several colourways but I could only fit the one pair of socks in!