Friday, 10 February 2017

Lars and Me

Sweater: J.Crew, old. Dress, shirt & bag: Madewell, all old. Booties: from Norway. 

Why hello there! If you still read my blog, I'm sorry I disappeared for so long. I've had a weird few months of not feeling like taking pictures of myself because of what I thought was me putting on weight. I was working out and watching my diet more than ever, but my stomach just kept getting bigger. Well, guess what? I wasn't putting on weight at all, I was growing an ovarian cyst the size of a fist. More than 12 cm in diameter. This only came to light when I got sick - like, really sick - during a meal out with friends, because the size of this thing caused the ovary it was attached to to, ahem, flip over. Four hours of excruciating pain later, I was ready for some answers, which is why I went back to Norway to see my Norwegian gyno. These pictures were taken right before my appointment, by one of my oldest friends, who thought she was just helping me take selfies for an Instagram challenge. So did I, at the time. 

But well, Sayaka told me my outfit was cute, and she's a lady I listen to. And now that I've had an operation to remove the cyst - which I named Lars, because it was big enough to have a name, and because it was a Norwegian cyst, well... I feel really good and healthy these days. My stitches came out the other day, my organs have all shifted back to where they're supposed to sit - seriously, for the first few days after the surgery, I could feel them sloshing around in there! Like they just weren't used to having that much space! My body-shape is back to normal, all my clothes fit me again, and I miss blogging! In these past few months, I feel like my style has shifted, but I'm still wearing a lot of my quirky old Anthro stuff - just in different ways now - and it's something I'm kind of looking forward to exploring, so yeah... I'm back! Now, where did I put my camera...?!


  1. Oh my gosh!! Gwen! Yikes! So happy to hear that you are better now! What an ordeal that must have been. Of course, being an American, I had to look up centimeters and holy cow that is almost 5 inches. Good Riddance, Lars! Glad your insides have shifted back to their correct and rightful positions. AND - super glad you are back to blogging! Woo hoo!!

    1. Haha, yes, Lars was a big boy, all right! Thanks so much for all your sweet words, hon, that just makes me super happy! Oh and guess what? Found the camera sans memory card. The gods are playing a joke on me, right? Haha. I *am* still back, though!