Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Nomadic Gardens

Beanie, Madewell (on sale!), sweater, from Norway, hella old, Skirt: Chickwish,
Boots: Doc Martens, Coat: Madewell

The hip area in London used to be Camden, many moons ago, until that got taken over by Commercialism. Now, it's Shoreditch, which I like because it's where the playhouses were in Elizabethan days, and I used to take yoga classes round the corner from what they claimed was the site of the original Globe theatre. (Seriously, show me some archaeology and I'll believe it.) Shoreditch is buzzy and fun, and is famous for its street art. It's not just that Victor loves it - my mother loves it! And the two of them have gone round there looking for cool graffitti while I've been at the gym or whatever. 

Lots of people come to Shoreditch for the street art, but not many of them seem to have found the spot we found - the Nomadic Gardens, which were basically an open-air art gallery. Graffitti, art installations and sculptures - the latter a bit the worse for wear because they're left to the elements  - greeted us in a merry, eclectic mix. The first thing I spotted when we walked through the gates was this huge warrior. As soon as Victor had finished buying tea from a lady selling hot drinks out of a little mint green van - awesome lady, she complimented my skirt! - I made him take my picture in front of him, as well as the phoenix on his far right and the Japanese Oni on his immediate right. 

I mean, check this thing out, it's glorious! And did I mention the horns have been mounted on the wall? I'm just in awe of all the gnarly creativity that went into the creation of this wall. 
As for my outfit, I wanted to wear something green and I wanted to wear this skirt. Turns out they go pretty well together, right? Also, behold the blog debut of my white Doc Martens - see, I told you my style had changed! Or rather, it seems to have shifted back to where it was a long time ago, only taking some of the newer elements along with it...? For the ride, as it were? All I know is, I felt 100% like myself in this outfit, and that's something I feel good about. 


  1. Oh what fantastic art! Sounds like an amazing place. Love the white Docs!

    1. Come visit us and I'll take you there! ;-P And I'm glad you like my Docs - currently living in 'em!