Saturday, 25 February 2017

Organic Building

Top: Banana Republic, Skirt, backpack & necklace: Madewell, Shoes: Nike.

So we managed to find the memory card from our camera, and I discovered this outfit I'd asked Victor to photograph while we were in Osaka. Maybe they're not the most flattering pictures in the world, but I don't care! It was too warm to wear makeup, it just melted right off me and made my eyes sting, so here you go - internets, meet my nekkid face. This is the face of a woman who survived an eighteen-hour family wedding ordeal only days earlier - makeup is the least of my worries, ha! And clearly, I liked my outfit on this day in one of our favourite cities in the world. 

Anyway, the building behind me is pretty cool - I don't know if you can tell but literally the entire facade is covered in flowerpots! And I'm pretty sure all those black things are little storm drains that water the plants. It's called The Organic Building, which makes it sound like it breathes on its own and makes the walls - which would be translucent and warm to the touch, you know? - sort of move in and out. "Siiigh..." Luckily it's nowhere near that creepy in real life! 


  1. Cute outfit!! Love the red sneaks! OMG -an 18 hour wedding sounds like torture. I am a weirdo who hates weddings and I do not think I could have held it together for 18 hours. Kudos for not only surviving but looking fantastic after the ordeal!!

    1. You know what, hon, I counted on my fingers and it was actually 17 hours - from when the groom's sister picked me and my mother in law up from the hotel at SIX AM with in taxi. And the whole shebang ended at exactly 23.00 hours! There was one point when I just hid and cried because I was so exhausted and upset - I'd had one hour's sleep because of the jetlag! Anyway, thanks for your lovely comment!!