Friday, 24 March 2017

Bundle Up

Hat: Topshop, Jacket: Hand-me-down, from Norway, Sweater: Urban Outfitters,
Jeans, bag & scarf: Madewell, Sneaks: Superga

It's been quite a week. I have to admit I feel weird about sitting here writing my blog post just days after there was another terrorist attack here in the city I've come to call home. I'm all right, and so is everyone I know, but wow... What a swine, eh? I promised myself a long time ago I wouldn't swear on the internets in case some future employer comes across this blog. So "swine" will have to do - though anyone who deliberately mows their car through school children is more than a swine.  

Anyway. It's cold again over here, so I've been bundling up in this enormous sweater I found at Urban Outfitters a while ago. (When I say enormous, I mean it - I am wearing a size small, here.) And I realised that it would be an almost perfect match with my suede baseball cap and brand new rosegold sneakers - which I bought because they'd match the rose-gold zipper of my bomber jacket perfectly. (Yes, I am insane.) I'm not even sure if this outfit is flattering, but at the time I was super into it, so here you go! Hopefully it will be warm enough soon to wear the shoes with the bomber jacket, so I can fully revel in this shiny combo.


  1. The outfit is flattering and is supercute! And, I'm glad you are blogging so soon after the attack. We need flowers and fun and cute clothes. Well, I do anyway or I will just start crying forever and not be able to stop. For a while after our election I stopped blogging because it seemed so frivolous and I was so depressed but things seem to be getting worse no matter what I do and my getting mired down in the muck seemed like a monstrous defeat of the human spirit. Thank you for your blog post! I am so sorry you got attacked and hope for a speedy recovery for London. xoxo,

    1. Thank you, Cynthia! I did wonder and worry a bit after the election, when you didn't post at all. Everything is almost back to normal here now, they were putting down flowers on the site today. The best we can do in the face of all this nastiness is to "Keep calm and carry on", as they say! XXX!!