Tuesday, 28 March 2017

He Didn't Get the Memo

Sweater, scarf , hat & bag: Madewell, all old. Jeans: AG Stevie via Anthro, old.
Bookbag: Cath Kidston, old. I SENSE A THEME HERE.   

We went to Notting Hill this Saturday, where all the pretty pastel houses live. I jumped in front of this most perfect lilac specimen, yelling, "Victor! Take my picture!" He didn't seem to have ever gotten the memo that when you take blog photos of your wife, you make sure to get their feet in the picture, Or that I wanted more of that lilac house in the frame - not that the green door isn't pretty, I guess!

Otherwise, our day was pretty perfect - because, see that book bag I'm holding with my jacket and sunnies? That bookbag contains a very satisfying comics haul from the second-hand bookstore just off the main road. And let me tell you, I walked out of there with a gem I hadn't even hoped to find - book one of my favourite Deadpool writer's return to writing Deadpool. This time, 'Pool has teamed up with Spiderman (who hates him), and it was so funny, I had to stop reading it on the train back - people would've thought I was el nutso... 


  1. My hubby is my photographer too! I always have to check out the photos immediately and then I stand there deleting all of them saying "hideous, no, no, oh my gosh, no no no, okay that one is not horrible let's try again like that but this time ... etc. etc. etc. LOL Poor guy.
    Love the owl top! It looks perfect against the lilac!

    1. Hahaha! He LETS YOU go through them there and then, and then will actually take MORE? Damn girl, you have it good. I bet Saint Freddy doesn't even swear while he takes your photos. ;-P And thanks, I love my owl sweater so much!

    2. He swears to himself I think. I've definitely caught him rolling his eyes. He knows that if he gets critical I will throw a crazed fit. It's so insanely bizarre how I can't control my emotions when getting my photo taken sometimes.

    3. I mean ... usually I am very reasonable. I swear!

    4. Haha, that is adorable! And seriously, how about just telling him to take a TON of photos, and then just going over them by yourself later? Probability laws dictate that you'll get at least three you're happy with - see my blog for further details, haha!