Friday, 31 March 2017

Optimal Coat Conditions

Coat & dress: Anthro, old. Bag & necklace: Madewell. Boots: Doc Martens. 

Do you have one of those coats that is amazing, but doesn't get worn that often, because it kind of requires specific weather conditions? This is one of those coats... I mean, I've worn it in the snow before, but because of the short sleeves, and because I now own a really enormous winter parka, it's just been easier to reach for the parka. Know what I mean? But this particular Sunday it was cold, but not too cold, and we were going to an exhibition, so I wanted to look a little bit fancy. 

Funny story about the sleeves - can you tell I had them lengthened? No? Well, this is what happens when you have orangutan arms, I guess. Every little helps, though, up here on the frozen British tundras! But I digress...

The exhibition was on Japanese architecture after WWII. There was so much cool stuff, including a full-scale reproduction of the home of this man called Maruyama-san, who had his old house torn down and replaced with what his architect called "a village inside a forest". Lots of tiny little building units, surrounded by slim trees, in the middle of a suburb. So you know, the bedroom is in one tiny unit, and then the kitchen would be in another, and the bathroom in a third... he brushes his teeth in front of a mirror that's propped up between the branches of a tree. 

Funny story - at the coat check, they only gave me the one tag. I assumed it was for my coat and my bag, but when I went to pick them up, the girl only gave me my bag. I had to describe the coat, and then she almost wouldn't give it to me! I was asked to describe what was in the pockets, only I knew for a fact they were empty... All I could think of was, "The label says Lauren Moffat!" Then, she finally gave it to me. Seriously... was she hoping to keep this coat for herself? Haha!


  1. Yes. She most definitely was hoping to keep your pretty coat for herself! lololol Gosh I love that color. It feels like a more spring coat than a winter coat so I can see why you need specific weather conditions to wear it. Nifty trick in elongating the sleeves. I have an Anthro coat in which the sleeves hit just past my elbows and that sometimes drives me crazy. I never thought of getting them lengthened. Btw, that exhibit sounds fascinating.

    1. Oh it was a seriously cool exhibition, and the best part was that they'd basically rebuilt that Maruyama guy's house, so we were walking around in the different units and fake garden... I could do a post on it sometime, maybe? We were allowed to take pictures so I snapped away!
      And get thee to a tailor, wench! So many clothes sit unused because there's a tiny thing wrong with them, don't they? Also, what is wrong with Anthro designers, don't they realise people have arms?!

  2. LOL - I don't know who Anthro is designing for anymore. I don't think they know!

    1. They are designing for manic pixie hipster nautical preppy dream girls - obviously. ;)