Thursday, 20 April 2017

Hello from Helsinki

Cardigan: Topshop, Blouse: French Connection, Necklace: Forever 21
Jeans: Paige Verdugo, Shoes: Superga

 Hello from Helsinki! We're on a little holiday - having spent Easter in Tallinn, we took a ferry across to Helsinki to celebrate my birthday. That was yesterday, and we had so much fun. Oh, and this was my birthday outfit! I kind of liked it. 

We started the day with a little expedition to Hertonniemi, where there is a Marimekko outlet. Now, my main goal with that was to find something for my mum, who is a big Marimekko fan - provided the patterns aren't too loud by her standards. I found one thing in a pattern I know she likes - success! Victor then suggested I try some stuff on, and insisted on buying me the cutest dress - as soon as I'm back in London, I'm gonna start wearing this thing, and I can't wait to style it. Here in Finland, it's just way too cold - it's actually hailing right now!

After Marimekko, we went to the Helsinki Art Museum - known as HAM, I kid you not! - to see the Tove Jansson gallery. She was such a talented artist, and the main attraction was a pair of huge frescoes she made for a dining hall. They are called Party in the Country and Party in the City, and they are just stunning. Also, if you look closely you can see a tiny moomin in each picture! We went on to have dinner at a viking-themed restaurant, and cocktails at a bar called Liberty or Death - where we had to order by process of elimination, as it were, and limit our choices to the drinks that didn't contain absinthe! 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Ikat Bandit

Jacket (customized), sunnies, scarf & bag: Madewell, Jeans: Paige,
Shoes: Superga, Baseball cap: Top Shop (mens' department!) 

Hey! So last week I was sick as a dog. See, I went to see my mother after her eye surgery - which went well, but you know, when your one living parent opens the door for you and they've got one eyeball that's covered in blood, you do a little double take, eh? Now, my mum had this surgery shortly after returning from the Easter Islands - check my Insta for a picture of her posing with the Moai statues like a boss - and on the flight back, she caught this virus. Obviously she didn't see the point in cancelling her surgery even though she was ill - that would just be silly, right? Sigh. 

So when I was booking the tickets to come visit her, she did say she was down with a cold, so maybe I shouldn't come. As I started to realise that I had, in fact, caught her insane death virus and was feeling worse by the minute, so did she. "You're not getting ill, are you?" My mother asked, with a dangerous note in her voice. "Of course not!" I answered, smiling and trying to cough more quietly. It was guilt, you see - who wants to give their kid the death flu, right? By the third day, when I crawled out of bed dripping mucus and gurgling, unable to even pretend I was feeling A-okay, she finally conceded that I was ill and maybe we should go get me some nasal spray. But - since she'd warned me beforehand, it was my own fault I'd got sick - okay?!  

Anyway, I'm all better now and my mother no longer feels quite so guilty, so all is well. And you know, when I said earlier that I feel my style has changed? This Ikat Bandit outfit is a pretty good example of  what I was talking about. I mean, I kind of feel like my style has gotten uglier - but in a good way? Also, this jacket has even more patches now - some of the latest additions are a "Ghost Paste" (as opposed to toothpaste) patch, a crystal patch and a Stranger Things patch. Oh, and on my other arm there's one that says "Hulk For Class President, 1983" - how could I resist, right? I just plan on adding to this thing until... Until I run out of space, I guess...