Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Ikat Bandit

Jacket (customized), sunnies, scarf & bag: Madewell, Jeans: Paige,
Shoes: Superga, Baseball cap: Top Shop (mens' department!) 

Hey! So last week I was sick as a dog. See, I went to see my mother after her eye surgery - which went well, but you know, when your one living parent opens the door for you and they've got one eyeball that's covered in blood, you do a little double take, eh? Now, my mum had this surgery shortly after returning from the Easter Islands - check my Insta for a picture of her posing with the Moai statues like a boss - and on the flight back, she caught this virus. Obviously she didn't see the point in cancelling her surgery even though she was ill - that would just be silly, right? Sigh. 

So when I was booking the tickets to come visit her, she did say she was down with a cold, so maybe I shouldn't come. As I started to realise that I had, in fact, caught her insane death virus and was feeling worse by the minute, so did she. "You're not getting ill, are you?" My mother asked, with a dangerous note in her voice. "Of course not!" I answered, smiling and trying to cough more quietly. It was guilt, you see - who wants to give their kid the death flu, right? By the third day, when I crawled out of bed dripping mucus and gurgling, unable to even pretend I was feeling A-okay, she finally conceded that I was ill and maybe we should go get me some nasal spray. But - since she'd warned me beforehand, it was my own fault I'd got sick - okay?!  

Anyway, I'm all better now and my mother no longer feels quite so guilty, so all is well. And you know, when I said earlier that I feel my style has changed? This Ikat Bandit outfit is a pretty good example of  what I was talking about. I mean, I kind of feel like my style has gotten uglier - but in a good way? Also, this jacket has even more patches now - some of the latest additions are a "Ghost Paste" (as opposed to toothpaste) patch, a crystal patch and a Stranger Things patch. Oh, and on my other arm there's one that says "Hulk For Class President, 1983" - how could I resist, right? I just plan on adding to this thing until... Until I run out of space, I guess...


  1. Ahahahahaha - I love reading your posts! You crack me up!!
    Oh -MOMS - I tell ya! The guilt mixed with the "I told you so" - gotta love 'em.
    I am so glad you got over the death flu. Did your mom not remind you to get your flu shot? You could guilt her back? ;)
    I DO NOT think your style has gotten uglier. It seems to be more eclectic and dare I say... British? Maybe? At least that's how Americans think the British dress - so cool and effortless in a mis-matchy but totally rad kind of way!

  2. Cynthia! I telepathically answered this comment with MY MIND but it got lost in mobile phone traffic. You believe me, right?! Anyway, this comment made me super happy! I love that you think whatever it is that's going on with my style is a good - even cool! - thing! Flattering and reassuring both at the same time! I mean, I feel totally comfortable in outfits like this, even though I like my girlier outfits too... I guess one isn't more "right" than the other, eh? THANKS HON!!