Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Perfect Summer Jeans

Jacket & Necklace: Anthro, Shirt: Bossini,
Jeans, Shades & Bag: Madewell, Shoes: Superga

This was me yesterday, looking vaguely like a human being. Today was spent working like a dog (deadline tomorrow afternoon!) and looking a whole lot less put-together. Anyway, I really liked this outfit because it brings together my three main things that I invested in this spring - and secretly dreamed of wearing together just like this. Minus the top, the top is interchangeable. I love it though - as you have probably guessed, I have a weakness for clothes with popsicles printed on them, and this shirt has the added bonus of being a souvenir from Hong Kong!

So yeah, after what, a year of obsessing over them, I finally went for it and got myself a pair of Perfect Summer jeans from Madewell! They are 100% denim, so they don't really stretch - basically it's like someone built a time portal to the 90's and is bringing these through, one pair at a time. (That'd explain the price tag, cough cough.) As a replacement for the boyfriend jeans that died last year sometime, they are pretty much perfect. They're big on me, but I like that, and I love that pale blue colour. I've worn them a lot since getting them, but this is their first time on the blog - but definitely not their last!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Sheep and Stripes

Top & belt: Anthro, Skirt: Lindex, Sandals: Birkenstock, Bag & Sunnies: Madewell

I mean, you don't see that pattern-mix every day, right? Though in all fairness, I lifted the idea of this outfit straight out of an old Anthro catalogue. The model was wearing this very same top with a similar belt and skirt, and as soon as I had this top in my hands, I knew I wanted to recreate that outfit. That's not exactly original, I suppose, but hey, you couldn't see her feet so I had to actually decide on footwear for myself! Not that it was a hard decision. Now that it's finally warm, I like to wave my toes in the wind!

Sorry about my face. Victor wasn't being the world's most cooperative photographer! Weirdly, I can't remember where we were going, or what we did. It's two AM and I've been up working late, so maybe that has something to do with it! Still, I'm sure we had fun together - we usually do! All I remember is, we went for Japanese barbecue at some point, and the belt had to come off. Hah!

Oooh wait, it's all coming back to me - we went to see the Hokusai exhibition at the British Museum that day, with two of our friends! It was seriously amazing, some of his drawings literally looked like they were going to climb out of the paper and come get you. Hokusai lived until he was 90, and he kept challenging himself to develop his art. He was drawing and painting right until the end of his life. He inspired so many Western artists, especially Vincent Van Gogh. But the funny thing is, he also drew inspiration from Western art, and started using Western style perspective in his pictures. We humans can't help but influence each other, it seems! Whether it's copying a print of plum blossoms or a picture from an old Anthro catalogue... Hehe. 

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Style Change

Dress: Cath Kidston, Cardigan: H&M, Sandals: Birkenstock,
Bag + sunnies: Madewell, Watch: Anthropologie - all old.

So as I mentioned a while ago, I've noticed that my tastes have changed, and my style has been changing along with them. And weirdly, that doesn't so much mean the type of things I'm wearing, as the colours. I think maybe I was wearing so many colours that I just sort of lost track, know what I mean? And so I started to feel a need to pare down on the number of colours I was wearing. This has involved putting a whole bunch of stuff into storage at my mum's house, rather than getting rid of things altogether. Time may well come when I want to wear my neon yellow blazer again. Just not right now. I just needed some clarity in my wardrobe, I think. Some time away from the hot pinks and the Kelly greens. 

Now, probably in part due to blogging, I have a lot of clothes - so it's not like I even needed to go out and buy anything for this colour change, if you can call it that. It was more about picking out what I have that suits what I want my style to be right now. Shopping your own closet, as they call it. I mean, this dress and this cardigan, for instance. I've had them both for years, but I feel 100% comfortable and like myself in them. And they fit right into my updated colour palette, which basically consists of a lot of white, bright red, cobalt blue, blush pink, cognac, navy and army green. And black, duh. Also, I'm still keeping the stripes, polkadots, crazy patterns and brocade pants, because who doesn't love brocade pants, right?   

Sometimes, it feels good to take a step back and reassess what you've got. I mean, look at that "updated" colour list - it's still pretty long. And there are secondary colours, too, like orange, lilac, burgundy, mustard and mint, which I've recently decided I can wear even if I am kind of on the pale side. (Baby steps with the mint, though - in this outfit, I'm just wearing my mint watch.) I'll never ever qualify as a minimalist by anybody's standards, but that's okay. I like having a nice big selection to get dressed from, just not, you know, as big as it used to be. Like having one shade of the same colour, instead of five. Except when it comes to jeans. Ahem. It's still an ongoing process, but if very much feels like a step in the right direction. 

Anyway, who am I, blogging three times in the one week? Enough of the waxing philosophical, already, let's have an outtake: 

Because big wind = big butt. WHOOSH!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Le Cien or le Sheep?

Blazer: Debenhams, Animal Kingdom Blouse: Anthro, Boots & flares: Madewell

What manner of creature is this, that's populating my new favourite blouse? Is it le cien or le sheep? Does it go woof or baa? Or is it some kind of Wuzzle-like genetically spliced animal that combines elements from both species?! Regardless, the creatures are cute, and I love them. Whatever they are. 

This blouse was one of those things I looked at in the sale room years ago and dismissed - and then recently started thinking about again. A quick ebay search turned up a specimen - I mean, blouse - in my size, and I bought that thing faster than you can say "Freaks of nature". Again, this just goes to show that what Anthropologie is producing now is nowhere near as good as what they were making just a few years ago. Well, with the exception of a very special pink bomber jacket, of course. Hehe. Oh well, buying second-hand clothing is probably good for the environment or something.  

The irony isn't lost on me that this is exactly the sort of outfit Jenni from the blog Gnomelover would wear... Well, minus the blazer, maybe! In fact, when I was searching for this blouse, images of her wearing it showed up! It's now been over two years since she stopped blogging, and I still miss her. Wherever you are, Jennikins, I hope you are well. 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Dress: Marimekko, Bag: Etsy, Shoes: Doc Martens:
Watch: Anthro Necklace: Self-made

WARNING: This will be an extremely nerdy post. If you have a low tolerance for these things, maybe just look at the pretty pictures. Or read another blog. I try to limit my nerdiness to the absolute minimum, but today is May 24th and I cannot contain myself. Consider yourself forewarned. 

Now then - see these little guys on my bag? They are the Matsuno brothers, and if you look carefully, you'll see that there are six of them. The Matsunos are sextuplets, and the stars of the funniest show I have watched in my life - an anime created in 2015 to commemorate what would have been the 80th birthday of their original creator, Fujio Akatsuka, who passed away in 2008. He created the sextuplets in 1962(!) when they starred in the series Osomatsu-kun. In the original series, they were ten years old, but they were aged for the reboot and are now 20. 

I should add that I found this bag on Etsy, and that the seller is super lovely. It was a birthday treat to myself, and I use it all the time - well worth the £16 I spent on it! Plus, I love to support creative people and buy handmade stuff, so yeah. Win-win!

The six brothers are called - deep breath - Osomatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu and Todomatsu. In the series, they parody everything from Sailor Moon to Saw - poor Jigsaw keeps kidnapping the wrong brother, until he eventually just gives up and kills the one he's caught. Everybody dies, all the time, and gets revived for the next skit - it's that kind of show. Also, they have a fairly... relaxed relationship with porn and bodily functions. I mean, what do you expect in a show about six brothers, right? So don't watch this if you're easily offended! Their family symbol is a stylized pine tree, and it was only after we got home from Finland that I realised it looks a whole lot like the little symbols on my new Marimekko dress:  

So there you have it - I subliminally picked out this dress because it reminds me of the Matsu leaf. I am so sad, so very, very sad, as Crash and the Boys sing in the Scott Pilgrim movie. 
Now, see the necklace I'm wearing here? I made this myself, from an Osomatsu-san gatchapon I randomly picked up in Japan. I'm sorry the picture isn't very clear, but this is the fourth brother, Ichimatsu, dressed up as a cat. In the show, each brother has picked a favourite colour - whether to help people tell them apart, or so they can't steal each others' stuff, or both... Ichimatsu's colour is purple. I don't have a lot of purple stuff, but he matches my tights pretty well, right?     

As for this dress, let me just stress (hah! rhyme!) that it came from the Marimekko outlet in Helsinki, where we went for my birthday, and that it was heavily reduced. There is no way Victor could afford to treat me to a full-priced Marimekko dress, nor would I want him to! We walked into the regular store in the town centre just to browse, and I was like, "Who do they think they are - Anthropologie?!" 

Also. Today is May 24th. Fujio Akatsuka set this as the sextuplets' birthday. So their star-sign is Gemini. I know, right!?

Thursday, 11 May 2017

I Scream, You Scream

Dress: Anthropologie: Shades & bag: Madewell, Sandals: Birkenstock - all old.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you! In the middle of April, we had one glorious day of heatwave goodness. It was like a vitamin D injection straight into your soul, I'm telling you! Like that scene in Pulp Fiction where John Travolta plunges that needle into Uma Thurman's heart, except you know, a lot less frantic. We arranged for a picnic in Regents' Park with a bunch of our friends, and had tuna-avocado-wraps and icecream. The day after, it got cold again, but who cares - we'd had that one slice of summer to tide us over for now. 

Also, this dress was all over the internet last summer, and I wanted one so badly... except there was no way I could justify the price tag, and the dress ran so small that I couldn't find my size in store when it did hit sale. Flash forward to right after I'd had my operation this January ("Fist-Sized Ovarian Cyst Has Got to Go"), and I was just casually looking on ebay. When I found it for super cheap. In my size. So now I can finally be in on the popsickle dress fun, which I am obviously rather stoked about. Can you see the tiny icecreams on this picture? If not, I can assure you they are very cute. THE END. ;)