Thursday, 11 May 2017

I Scream, You Scream

Dress: Anthropologie: Shades & bag: Madewell, Sandals: Birkenstock - all old.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you! In the middle of April, we had one glorious day of heatwave goodness. It was like a vitamin D injection straight into your soul, I'm telling you! Like that scene in Pulp Fiction where John Travolta plunges that needle into Uma Thurman's heart, except you know, a lot less frantic. We arranged for a picnic in Regents' Park with a bunch of our friends, and had tuna-avocado-wraps and icecream. The day after, it got cold again, but who cares - we'd had that one slice of summer to tide us over for now. 

Also, this dress was all over the internet last summer, and I wanted one so badly... except there was no way I could justify the price tag, and the dress ran so small that I couldn't find my size in store when it did hit sale. Flash forward to right after I'd had my operation this January ("Fist-Sized Ovarian Cyst Has Got to Go"), and I was just casually looking on ebay. When I found it for super cheap. In my size. So now I can finally be in on the popsickle dress fun, which I am obviously rather stoked about. Can you see the tiny icecreams on this picture? If not, I can assure you they are very cute. THE END. ;)

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